So Now What?

A few people peeked at our first blog post, and we know for a fact that at least one of the viewers was not one of us repeatedly looking in to marvel at our new form of self-expression. So we think there may be at least one person out there wondering, ” Okay, they said they wrote that amusing little children’s story a couple of years ago. But, what are they doing now?” Well dear reader, you may move off the edge of your seat.  We will reveal all.

Our current WIP (Work In Progress) is a book called: Will Steal for Shoes. As the title suggests, there will be theft–as well as some extremely high-end, high-heeled shoes. As you may have already guessed, it is not a children’s book. We have written about 22,000 words so far, which is about 75 pages. This is amazing, as our combined attention span is about as long as that of a fruit fly.

We feel oddly compelled to write even though we are unlikely to ever reap any gain, financial or otherwise, from our writing. We find via Google, that invaluable tool for trivia, that this is called hypergraphia. We call it: Just Another Excuse to Ignore the Housework, or Something We Do That Annoys Our Husbands.

As we did with Traxter, we would like to share the beginning of the work. This may or may not end up being the first paragraph of the finished product as we like to tweak the manuscript more than we like to continue the narrative.

Chapter One

I always thought midlife crisis implied urgency. It’s supposed to be a crisis after all. I figured it would be some intense biological imperative, inexorably driving me to rent a villa in Tuscany, or at least wear inappropriate clothing purchased from Hot Topic. I never expected the dullness, the complete lack of caring. I never thought I would feel entirely redundant at the tender age of 40, waving feebly as the world simply passed me by. If this is all the crisis I get, I want to exchange it for a better one or get my money back.

Now you know what we are up to. Next week: How we achieve our ends.