Greetings From the Other Lisa

Until now, Lisa has had free reign over this blog. This marks a pivotal moment in Lisa & Lisa blog history. I only wish that we could, in some small way, commemorate the moment. Wait…Egad! This amazing post will live on in the annals of internet history forever. Huzzah! Who is sitting on the edge of his or her seat, wondering what profound words I have to contribute? I see that hand, thank you. And that hand. God bless you.

So I tried my hand at a “non-specific” blog once. Didn’t have much to say. I am a woman of so few words. If you believe this I have a bridge I’d like you to consider jumping from. (From which one should consider jumping.)

I have been pondering the many facets of grammatical correctness lately, in my semi-obsessive compulsive way. Is that a grammatically correct sentence? I suppose it is something a writer should concern herself with. With which a writer should concern herself.

Not to mention punctuation; the semi-colon in particular. And the dash — I do so love the dash. Along with the use of complete sentences. And let’s not forget paragraph format, or whatever one calls that business. This writing stuff is not for the weak of heart. It’s a lot more than stringing together a bunch of clever words and spinning an award-winning story, that’s for sure.

On the other hand, in some ways it’s not as hard as I thought it would be, and, as Lisa has mentioned, it’s mostly due to having a co-conspirator (on whom to blame mistakes). And now, I must conclude the aforementioned thought with at least one additional sentence, to insure proper paragraph structure.

But it’s so much fun to be just a little naughty.


2 responses to “Greetings From the Other Lisa

  1. If this Lisa is the Lisa I know and love…y0u are such a liar. You? A woman of few words? Not hardly.

    • Of course this is the Lisa you know and love! To know a Lisa is to love a Lisa. Love me, love my alter-ego. You can see where I’m going with this so I’ll quit now. Never let it be said I am not the height of brevity. Ever, really. Enough said. The end.

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