One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Some people have told us they can not tell which Lisa has written which blog posts. Our first response to this is: Hee, Hee. We are shallow like that. Especially The Other Lisa.

However, intrepid readers, you are not alone in your inability to tell our writing apart. We often can’t remember who typed what in our WIP. And we are grateful for this. If our writing styles were too different, our novel would read as though it was written by committee. Instead it is written by two middle-aged women who mostly agree, but then rewrite and edit each other’s stuff . Then that gets rewritten and edited–and in the end we aren’t always sure who did what.

That Other Lisa is trying to foist all the mistakes on me. Fine, I say.  I’ll take the heat. But I only sink to great depths because I want to soar to great heights. The witty dialogue? Mine. The poignant moments of tearjerking drama? Mine. The hilarious scene in which justice takes the form of dehydrated potato flakes? All mine. The Other Lisa will deny my genius. Don’t believe her.

Despite all the confusion, we really are two quite separate people. Some of you may know only Lisa A, others only Lisa B. A few lucky souls are fortunate enough to know both of us.  Whatever your situation, we want to help you by providing a handy list of some of our differences. Here you go.

  • Lisa A writes deeply moving passages examining the angst-ridden underbelly of modern society. Lisa B writes the naughty bits.
  • Lisa B wears nicer underwear than Lisa A.
  • Lisa A prefers to write in the morning. Lisa B prefers to write at night.
  • Lisa B’s favorite coin is the Wheat Penny. Lisa A thinks it is goofy to even have a favorite coin.
  • Lisa A likes being Lisa A. Lisa B is still bitter that Lisa A named her Lisa B.
  • Lisa B has a small, but not entirely unattractive, tail. Lisa A wasn’t supposed to tell you that.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Check out our new header image. I think we might be in Germany. Achtung!


7 responses to “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

  1. Ah HA! I’ve figured out who Lisa A and Lisa B truly are and I’m not telling. I’m shallow like that too. Incidentally, I loved Sesame Street too and the Lisa who wrote this little ditty today is almost EXACTLY my same age. Shoot – maybe the other Lisa is too. That just ruined my theory.

  2. While it was virtually impossible to tell which Lisa is who or who is whice before reading this blog, I feel, after having read the blog, it imperative to inform you that I am simply none the wiser. Hard to say if there are two of you or Lisa A is Lisa in the AM and Lisa PM is Lisa in the PM–same person but two…like identical twins, only much more unconventional. Sorta like you take on the same identity when you sit down to write but otherwise are two completely different beings. That being the case, I simply gotta tell you…I heart you, and I heart you, too. 🙂 Carry on!

  3. p.s. Heart the photo, too.

  4. This is the first time I have gotten on your blog (or anyone’s for that matter!), but I am pretty sure I know which is Lisa A vs Lisa B. We can confirm that the next time we have a “girls’ weekend”. It was fun reading your blog and catching up on your writing adventures. Hope your writers’ weekend goes well with none of the CCC issues!

  5. I think I know the bitter, wheat-penny liking Lisa. That sounds about right. The underwear is a curve ball, however. You guys are fun. Unfortunately going forward, unless you guys say you are Lisa A or Lisa B, this is all just mind games. Which also sounds like the Lisa I know.

    • And, unfortunately, (or fortunately as the case may be) the underwear quality issue will remain a secret. The Lisas belong to the generation that believes underwear should remain truly under and not be in public view.

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