We Liek Bloggging

Primarily we like this blogging gig because we are egomaniacs who love to hear/read ourselves say/write anything. Secondarily, however, we ♥ it because we never have to edit it. And, even if we do make some minor changes, it is just a matter of glancing at a paragraph or two and correcting our spelling (especially for Lisa 2).  

We previously stated that we liked to tweak. Oh yes, tweaking the story is giddy fun when it is simply a matter of changing/improving whatever the previous Lisa wrote (because, really, what was she thinking) and moving on forward. But now that our WIP is growing longer, we are amazed at the time it takes to edit anything in the document. The tiniest change can mean trolling through the manuscript, looking for anything that simple little change has affected.

On the blog, we just don’t have to care. Sometimes we call ourselves Lisa 1 & Lisa 2, sometimes we call ourselves Lisa A & Lisa B. We are wild and carefree. It is so refreshing.

On the WIP, however, we are all business. After all, no one wants to read a book where the main character eats lunch twice in one page because one of the idiots writing the book didn’t pay enough attention to what the other wrote not one paragraph earlier. Lisa 2 thinks she can control and tame this editing beast by keeping an extensive outline. Lisa 1 believes it is a force of nature to be grappled with directly.

Despite having gone through the WIP many times, we keep finding mistakes we missed the first 50 times around. We have, therefore, decided to immure ourselves in a remote, wi-fi-less location for an entire weekend while we attempt to lick our wayward and flocculent thoughts into shape.

We’re hoping we actually get some work done on our weekend. Of course, it could devolve into a weekend of junk food and girly fun with never a laptop opened. We hope not. We hope that holing up away from civilization will help us buckle down and tackle this monster.

Wish us luck.


4 responses to “We Liek Bloggging

  1. Good luck! I can hardly wait to read your finished masterpiece.

  2. FYI, am considering changing my name to Lisa C, possibly Lisa 3D

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