Solitary Confinement ( or We’re Having Fun …Yet)

L.A.: Writing is a solitary act. Even when writing with a partner as I do. And for many years, it was something I did alone and kept to myself. I don’t think there were more than a dozen people who knew of my literary attempts. Sharing this information about myself is still a bit unnerving to me. I sometimes think it would have been less exposing if I had decided to moon the people driving on I-94. The motorists on I-94 should all be grateful I decided to reveal my inner self instead.pen

B.O.L.: Due to a happy fortune cookie accident, I inherited a rare form of synesthesia. I have a never ending supply of (mostly amazing) story lines that wiggle around in my lemon Jell-O flavor brain. Lemon and lime alternate as flavors of the day, along with some cranberry concoction that makes an occasional appearance around the holidays – well worth the wait. Please try not to let my juicy brain distract you, although it’s understandable to be jealous. Anyway, I merrily jiggle on about my delightful, as always fat-free ideas to anyone who will listen. Lisa has no clue how many people to whom I blathered to about our first project, not to mention the countless others I have assured Will Steal for Shoes is already on its way to the best seller list. Heck, I have no idea how many people I’ve accosted either, but trust me, plenty. *disclaimer: no Jell-O was harmed in the actual making of my brain.

LA: A lot of people want to become authors. Many of us have an unpublished manuscript hiding in a sock drawer or on an old floppy disk somewhere. Not many people succeed at becoming published authors. This means our blog could be trumpeting a huge personal failure to the world–should they care to look.

B.O.L.: I am totally unconcerned. I’ve maintained all along that I have “fear of success” issues. Fortunately, both of us will be thrilled to finish a manuscript, let alone get published. Of equal encouragement, I have no doubt that we will be published. I’m willing to pimp Lisa out if that’s what it takes to make it happen. She will thank me in the end. jelloPerhaps that is a poor choice of words.

LA: What I do with my end is my own business. I will not thank the BOL (Body Odor Lisa? Big Old Lisa? Bouncy Oozy Lisa? Boozy Ogre Lisa?)  should she pimp me out, even if she just means as a pen for hire. I do thank all the people out there who have given us words of encouragement. You have made this blog worthwhile from day one.

BOL:  Be On the Lookout  (I’ll also answer to Boogers On Lemons, just for Halloween.) And no, it wasn’t your pen I was planning to peddle, but there’s always that too. I’ve seen your pen, it’s a beaut.

L.A.: I don’t think it’s my pen you have in mind.

So much for an attempt at a moody/angsty/heartfelt blog. Although I’m sure even Butt Off Lisa thanks you all.


3 responses to “Solitary Confinement ( or We’re Having Fun …Yet)

  1. I’m going to make that fetching jello for my next holiday gathering. Thanks for the excellent idea.

  2. I think it looks regurgitated–a brave new step in the culinary arts?
    P.S. I’m glad I won’t be at your house for T-day.

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