Is it THE END for the Lisas?

Word up people: The Lisas are finished, kaput, done for.

Done writing that is! Woot! Give it up for The Lisas! We finally penned the long-awaited words “The End” on our work in progress (WIP) now completed manuscript.

Well, sort of. There are of course a million and one re-writes, changes and edits still to be done, but nobody can deny that we have a genuine novel, for better or for worse. So while the word count will continue to change as we “tweak” and polish and wrestle – no Jello wrestling (you’re welcome), we offer you, our loyal blog fans, a contest opportunity complete with a marvelous prize.

Hand-knit Cup Cozy

Just tell us what you think our “final” word count is, as of Nov. 19, 2009 9:14 a.m., and whoever comes closest will be shipped this hand-knit, reusable, eco-friendly Cup Cozy to help you handle your favorite hot or cold beverage in style. This prize is an homage to our Will Steal For Shoes protagonist, Mary, who is a certified java junkie.

We will even give you a big hint, the “final” word count is somewhere between 55,000 and 85,000 words. To enter this contest simply make your guess in the comment section of this post and make sure your email address is included or attached so that if you are the winner we can contact you for a mailing address to send out the Cup Cozy. The contest will end and a winner will be announced on December 1, 2009, so please stay tuned!


11 responses to “Is it THE END for the Lisas?

  1. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read the final, published book.

    • Thanks, neither can we! It’s to the point now where we can’t remember what we said. Partly because we’ve written SO much and partly because we’re old and forgetful. (Speaking of forgetful, be sure to put in your “word count contest guess!”)

  2. Seriously clueless- 70,000.

  3. I’ll go with 76,238 words.

  4. Does it also come with a year’s supply of coffee? I say 66,666 (not that you two are possessed or anything, just a coincidence I’m sure…)

    • can’t speak for lisa, but it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say I’d sell my soul for a book contract and a good martini

  5. 75,101. Congratulations, Lisas! Lots to give thanks for this year.

  6. That hand-knit cup cozy would look quite fetching on my chai lattes. I am going to party like it’s 79,999.

  7. 2,000 zero zero party over, oops out of time!

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