We Have a Winner!

Our contest has ended and the winner of the hand-knit Cup Cozy is….drum roll….Bria (clap, clap clap)

She guessed a word count of 76,238 on our feature length novel, Will Steal for Shoes. The actual word count (at the time of the contest start) was 76,204, so Bria was uncannily close.

Your favorite Lisa is convinced other authors have been channeling her thoughts lately, perhaps Bria is one of these people…Lisa is considering wearing a stylish tinfoil hat to block these mind-reader types.

Anyway, congratulations to our winner (your prize will deliver via carrier pigeon) and thank you to those who continue to follow our blog. The holidays may cause minor “blog bog,” when it comes to our ongoing editing process, however, we will press forward, even if it kills a particular Lisa.


3 responses to “We Have a Winner!

  1. Dude! Awesome! Do I need to email someone my address? Man, I could’ve used the cozy this morning!

  2. Ah, so close. Will steal for another cozy. Bria truly is a special person, just as cute as that cozy, so I will be a good sport and say, “Congrats, Bria.”

    As for the Lisas, you’re not off the hook, even if you have finished your book. You must, must, must continue to blog. I have become a fan and you can’t disappoint me.

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