Blog-Bogged With a Dash of Egg Nog

        It’s been a slow week for the Lisas. One of us has computer woes and the other is on vacation. Guess which Lisa is happier?
         Vacation Lisa, you say? Not so fast.
        For reasons of national security (or let’s just say personal security), vacationing Lisa is a mixed bag of emos – or possibly just an old bag. Whereas computerless Lisa has rediscovered the joys of simplicity. Her next move: to end hunger and achieve world peace. Or at least to bake Christmas cookies and achieve a piece of pie.
        There is editing afoot, Sherlock! But when and where?
        And why do all the best movies have to come out on Christmas Day? Just to add guilt to an already guilt-heaped holiday?
For the answer to these and many more burning questions, ask google – we’re busy shopping and writing. Mostly shopping. 
        And that’s a wrap.

2 responses to “Blog-Bogged With a Dash of Egg Nog

  1. Yes, let’s talk about GUILT, mainly because a. I’m good at feeling guilty, b. I feel guilty the entire Christmas season. I feel guilty when any charity asks me for money. I feel guilty shopping at the mall. I even feel guilt when I read A Christmas Carol because I have a warm house and food. Maybe I should be writing a self-help blog instead.

    Enjoy your vacation, Lisa – whichever one you are.

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