Two Lazy Lisas

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Yes, it’s the Holiday Season and the Lisas should have a blog post for every good girl and good little boy. If only Santa would bring his reindeer around to pull them out of the Black Hole of Inertia…

We are objects at rest. Nothing has happened since the last post. And we mean nothing. No work on the WIP, virtually no housework (you don’t want to see our floors), no holiday baking, and only a surprisingly small amount of Inter-Lisa telephone conversations. Why is this? Well, one Lisa is still in FL and the lack of a computer did truly help the other Lisa re-discover how fond she is of doing nothing. She embraces it. She marks it as her own.

Recently, a Lisa read an interesting column entitled How Stephenie Meyer Cramps My Style in Publisher’s Weekly. A literary agent, Stephen Barbara, discusses the tips he has always given to aspiring writers: Read lots, write lots, edit until you’re practically insane, and be prepared for rejection. Stephenie Meyer’s success did not follow this path. Stephenie wrote her first block-buster novel quickly, sent it off, and had it published right away! She is a force of nature! She has made hundreds of thousands of dollars!

I cast aside the thin disguise of Lisaness and boldly, and greedily, exclaim in the first person: I too want to find an easy path to fame and fortune! In fact, I had better, as I am too lazy to even continue typing this very wee little bloggie. Instead I am going to go to bed early (yes I know it is only 4:40 p.m.) and hope that visions of book contracts dance in my head.


2 responses to “Two Lazy Lisas

  1. Yeah, okay, S.M. wrote a book and it became a hit overnight. Big vampire bloody deal. This is not normal and we should not despair because of flukes of nature. We should rejoice that we were brought up in the midwest where hard work is a virtue.

    As soon as you’re done being lazy, and you’re waiting for your publishing ship to come in, please blog some more. We Amys have missed you.

  2. Ok. I didn’t really go to bed. That was artistic license. Thank you for your unwavering support, Miss Amy. I will pull myself up by my protestant bootstraps and work, work, work.
    Next year, anyway.

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