Back on Trax

Thank heaven for little girls and little boys going back to school. Not that Lisa B doesn’t give some slack to Lisa A for her offspring issues, but Christmas vacation really threw us off track. (To be fair, there was that brief stint in Florida by Lisa B, but as there were no children involved it can hardly count as a serious distraction.)

But have no fear! We are back in business and making up for lost time. As we tirelessly edit and re-edit our manuscript we never cease to be surprised at how genuinely talented we actually are and how completely smitten our readers will with our lovely book – books, in fact. We are more than toying with the idea of expanding our originally “finished” children’s book, alongside editing Will Steal for Shoes. In fact, as of this week the plan is to begin a thorough outline of the revisions and additions to the Traxter plot line. Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday are designated “Shoe” days, while Tuesdays may officially become Traxter days. Ah, but what about Thursdays you ask?

Thursdays may well become the research and outline day for TOP SECRET PROJECT: HSOTI – the acronym title of our next chick/hen lit book. Anyone care to guess what HSOTI might stand for? (Those privileged few who have bothered to pay attention at all are now officially sworn to secrecy.) One hint…hockey wives.
And lest you think we take weekends off, we are scrambling to plan Writers’ Weekend Winter Wetreat – oops, Retreat – for February ’10 (see Retreat! Retreat!). It is certain to be bigger and better and possibly boozier than Fall ’09 and guts will surely spill (over). Stay along for the ride!


8 responses to “Back on Trax

  1. HSOTI– Hot Sex on the Ice (?)

  2. Hot sex of Tecumseh insiders (?)

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