The Thrill of It All

Despite a shared love for the works of the late Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., the Lisas have vastly different reading tastes. So it goes.

One of this Lisa’s top authors, Trisha Ashley, has a new book,  Chocolate Wishes, coming out in March 2010. I can hardly wait. Ms. Ashley’s books are filled with a quirky charm and humor I find enchanting. My very favorite of her books so far is Every Woman for Herself, and I would recommend starting with that one– if you haven’t already discovered her for yourself.

I become bizzarely excited when a fave author publishes something. I was so thrilled to get my hands on my brand new copy of Lois McMaster Bujold‘s, A Civil Camapign, I kissed it in public. Yes, I got some odd looks, but didn’t care. I hugged it tightly to my maidenly bosom, only releasing from my embrace because I had to in order to open the book and actually read it.

Despite my passion for fiction, I have read almost nothing except non-fiction since I started seriously writing. I have made exceptions for authors I truly love. I did read Trisha Ashley’s short story from the anthology, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, but have yet to delve into other works in this collection.

I did this because I felt the need to concentrate only on my own fiction. And while it did remove a great many distractions, I have missed losing myself in someone else’s universe.  Lisa and I are editing our WIP right now and we feel we need a joint ruling on each final change. So we read it out over the phone, one of us making the changes as we go along. This means we can only work on it when we both have the time. Tonight no work will happen, because I’m the only Lisa available.  Since I can’t write, I could read. But, for the first time ever, I would rather be in the world of my own creation than someone else’s universe.  I think this must be a milestone of some kind. Similar to  when a student of a language begins to dream in that tongue.

Of course, when Chocolate Wishes makes its way across the Atlantic to my impatiently waiting self, I plan to don my jammies, climb into bed and close the door to all interruptions while I read it from cover to cover. Old habits die hard.


3 responses to “The Thrill of It All

  1. Personally, I don’t think so much of what we read is contradictory; it’s more that Lisa avoids the gory stuff. (But not graphic movies…puzzling.) And I’ll admit, I don’t get it when book characters speaketh entirely from bygone eras. Other than that we agree on lots, whether she thinks so or not.

  2. What exactly does a maidenly bosom look like? Btw, if you want people to follow you online, your signature on emails should say “follow our progress at

    I, for one, didn’t realize that you had ongoing commentary on the site.

    • Frankly, I should have said “matronly bosom” to be more accurate, but prefer maidenly, which I think would look unfulfilled.

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