Dear Author

If you have attended any author conferences or read author blogs, you will know that most writers are repeatedly rejected before they achieve fame and fortune, or even a spot on the mid-list. These stories often reach mythological proportions.

“I had so many rejection letters, I could have wall papered the house with them.”

Oh yeah? Well, I had so many, if I had set them on fire, they would have burned ten times hotter than the sun.”

“Well, that’s nothing. My mountain of rejection slips made me personally responsible for the deforestation of half of South America.”

It becomes a badge of honor. We officially received our first merit badge yesterday. In less than one day, our carefully crafted email query came back with a standard “Dear Author” rejection. Since the rejection only specified one author, I am assuming the agent meant the other Lisa. I am unscathed. (But I do feel really sorry for her—that had to hurt.)

We shall soldier on, seeking out and destroying the astronomical number of oddly-placed hyphens we recently noticed in our supposedly-carefully-edited version of Will Steal for Shoes. In addition, we will make all the corrections our eagle-eyed beta readers have caught.

Just one rejection letter isn’t enough. We will soon be sending out more query letters. We won’t stop until someone loves us, or we have enough rejection slips to insulate both our attics. Cause, baby, it’s cold outside.


4 responses to “Dear Author

  1. The whole world steps aside for women who know where they are going.

  2. I like this idea…

  3. Say it isn’t so, Lisas… rejections are harsh. I think I’ll stick to blogging since I can delete anyone who gets in my way with their negativity. In the meantime, I’ll still be a fan of yours.

  4. It stung. I was draggin’ for a couple of days, but have shaken it off.

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