Best Foot Forward

Lisa and I have been obsessing about feet, or, more accurately, shoes. Considering our completed manuscript is called Will Steal for Shoes, this is not surprising. But lately we’ve been second guessing ourselves.

Are stories about women who love shoes too much “so last season”? Are we putting too much emphasis on stilettos at the expense of  developing a true antagonist in our story? Aren’t ridiculously high heels with painful price tags enough antagonism?

Of course, all of this uncertainty stems from the sting of a recent rejection, as described in our last post. We felt we polished our agent query letter to within an inch of its life, but what if…? The list of ‘what ifs’ is paralyzing. Do we keep our synopsis as is, or do we change it? Do we tweak it a little or a lot? Do we rewrite the story altogether and make it about a woman whose mid-life crisis revolves around an infatuation with tennis balls, instead of shoes? Is tennis hot right now? Who knows? WHO KNOWS? (Seriously, if you know, tell us.)

What are agents looking for? Is it illegal to bribe agents? Wouldn’t a bribe be more effective going directly to to the publisher, skip the middleman? I mean, between the two of us I’m sure we could at least pull together a c-note, given a month or two. That ought to get us at least a one-of-a-kind rejection letter, right?

Meanwhile, if you are a proud possessor of Louboutin, Choo, Blahnik or some other prized footwear, send us a photo or drop us a line describing your devotion to your babies! It will cheer us up to know women still love their shoes. And you might want to check out The Shoe Whisperer, just for fun and comfort.


3 responses to “Best Foot Forward

  1. I once had a pair of red pumps, a la 1988, that were marketed as being so comfortable that you could play basketball in them. They weren’t Choos or any other high end shoe like that, but they looked darn good with my power suit. I’ll try to find you a picture. You might be so inspired that you redo your resume and go into the corporate world…

  2. Were those called Easy Spirits? Do they still make them, I wonder?

    • Easy Spirits? Snap out of it Lisa! We’re starving artists, we must suffer. I Do want to see that sexy photo of Amy though!

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