Oops We Did it Again

Another day, another query letter. And so we wait. Last time we didn’t have to wait long – less than 24 hours in fact. At least they put us out of our misery quick-like. Our goal was to submit to twenty more agents this week. But it’s already Thursday and we’ve only managed a half dozen of so; it seems life keeps getting in the way.

For example as I type this, I am babysitting for a neighbor’s two and a half year old son. He is bored and not particularly happy. I am tired and hungry and not particularly happy. But at least I can mostly sit here and mulitask. Except when I sit too long I find him in the bathroom, covered in toothpaste or engaging in some other fun adventure. But the reason I am here in the first place is that this little guy’s younger brother was born with a heart defect and has subsequently had endless tests and trips to the doctor. Kinda puts life in perspective, eh?

So, another day, another lack of query letters going out. Now if I can just remember to stop and pick up some more envelopes for those pesky SASE demanding agents, I’ll call the day a success. Sometimes it’s best to keep expectations low, as my wise mother would say.


2 responses to “Oops We Did it Again

  1. SASE sounds so 1970’s, doesn’t it? By the by, my life has improved drastically since I’ve lowered my expectations. Wish I had thought of this 20 years ago.

  2. Good strategy, Amy. I’m pretty sure my life hasn’t improved, but I am definitely too tired to care.

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