Luck Favors the Prepared Contest Winner

We had a happy success this week. Your favorite Lisa entered a Facebook contest and won! What she won was a copy of David Patneaude’s new post-apocalyptic YA thriller, Epitaph Road, along with a query letter critique from Mr. Patneaude’s agent! Here’s where it gets fun – the agent specializes in children’s/YA books. While our initial thought was to have her review our query for WSFS, the one that’s currently making the rounds, we then had a stroke of genius. Why not revisit the very first book we ever wrote together? It is a middle-grade story, after all. We’ll keep you posted on the critique services we receive. Meanwhile, we’ve got lots of irons in the fire so we’re really stoked! 🙂


4 responses to “Luck Favors the Prepared Contest Winner

  1. And then you so casually mention you have another book …

  2. We were officially critiqued. We learned we need to streamline our query letter. Very helpful!

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