Judge Our Book by Its Cover, Please

What is in a name? Would Romeo and Juliet have been as popular if the title characters had been called Ralph and Gertrude? It’s hard to say, and yet…

Supposedly, book publishers (and by extension, literary agents) are able to transcend beyond a title: good, bad or indifferent. Titles, we are told, are nearly meaningless. And yet, as readers we know nothing is further from the truth.

We’ve always liked our working title: Will Steal for Shoes. At least one of us can not think of it by any other name, as hard as she tries. But, it sounds so chick fic and we keep reading that most literary agents feel chick fic is even deader than 1970’s fashions featuring polyester and large, pointed lapels. Is our title holding us back?

Bottom line: a good title can’t hurt. Here then, a poll:


10 responses to “Judge Our Book by Its Cover, Please

  1. I would actually read all of those titles. They all sound great. Good luck!

  2. Where is the Backwater Village and how can I become a monarch there? Take the Money and Run reminds me of the Steve Miller Band and I refuse to listen to any of their music. I’m living La Midlife Madness Loca already.

    Okay, so Ralph and Gertrude, not so good. Explain then why Harold and Maude was such a hit for so long. I don’t get it either.

    • Backwater Village is approx. 25 miles W/SW of Ann Arbor. Sorry, the monarchy position is filled. What did I miss regarding Steve Miller? Is he a commie pinko? Puppy hater? Does he refuse to wipe his carbon footprints? Dish the dirt, sister and I’ll explain Harold & Maude (not really, there is no explanation).

  3. My husband had three roommates in college who decided that Steve Miller was some sort of god and played his music at all times of the day. Sometimes, in dark moments, I can still hear Jungle Love and Jet Airliner being sung off-tune. No, Take the Money and Run cannot be your new title. I’m sorry.

    • Huh? Steve Miller? Interesting choice for music god. And I mean interesting with its full Midwestern connotations, thereby implying politely that I find that an odd or even wrong choice.

  4. Sorry; none of them jump out at me. The only one with a chance would be Backwater Village, without the Queen.

  5. since I am way way way on the wrong side of forty, i guess i pick that one………..

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