10 Ways to Leave Your Writing

Recently there has been a slump in The Lisas’ production line. With WSFS done, we should be pestering agents, writing  the second/third/fourth books, or at least pretending to do important things. Sadly, the more we have to do, the more we do useless stuff. We would question this, but we are too busy:

10.) Bringing back the lost art of quill penning
9.) Looking for agents in all the wrong places
8.) Psychosomatically scalp-scratching because the word “lice” was mentioned
7.) Doing Super-Duper important research on Icanhazcheezburger
6.) Debating, if we gained superpowers, would we use them for evil or good?

5.)Spending several minutes/hours trying to figure out why wordpress won’t let us format the way we like

4.)Watching our favorite Dr. Who episode just one more time (Blink–Third series 10th Episode–Gotta love the Weeping Angels) Weeping Angels will be back this season! Hee hee. I have BBC America and The Other Lisa doesn’t, so I have seen Pt. 1 of the new Weeping Angels episode!

3.)Fuming over son’s OCD teacher and fantasizing about exerting above mentioned superpowers in a morally ambiguous way (One of us anyway) *They teach OCD in school now?

2.)Staring in mirror at the lines on our foreheads and wondering if botox/plastic surgery is really ethically wrong/out of our price range

1.)Wishing Lisa would finish vacation and get back to the important business of talking to me every other day (One of us anyway) *Ta da! Sure, you’re back for 3 days and then gone again. You don’t love me like a sister.


2 responses to “10 Ways to Leave Your Writing

  1. Now I have that song in my head by Paul Simon. Just tap on the keys, Lee, and set yourself free.

    By the way, Icanhazcheezburger is inspirational in oh so many ways.

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