If You Give a Writer a Platform

This Lisa has been on a “professionalism” kick of late. So here’s my latest, greatest obsession: the platform. Apparently every successful writer must have one. I was torn between negotiating world peace and ending hunger. But then I did a little more research and discovered it’s less philanthropic than Miss America (more like Miss America when she thinks nobody is snapping photos). It’s about down and dirty, carnal capitalism. Whew, what a relief.

According to a Miss Stephanie Chandler, there are

10 Ways to Build Your Author Platform Online: Gain Valuable Internet Exposure to Sell More Books

This is a daunting, but not impossible task. We already have a couple of the items down pat. Well, perhaps not down pat, but down marginally. We have a blog, that’s #2! And we have formed online partnerships (#5) and leveraged social media, a little (#9). We are sorely lacking on numbers 8 & 10, but since our book is as yet unpublished, we still have time, (although wouldn’t it be a hoot to be the first unpublished authors to promote their non-book on a worldwide tour?!) My first hurdle is to get TOL (The Other Lisa) to read the full list. Then, get her to agree to my demands to make several fruit pies, visit me occasionally when I move to Florida, and never, never again compare the sorry state of our respective undergarments. Because, seriously, you win, Lis, no hands down, please.

Note from The Other Lisa: And here I thought writing was all about writing a book. Silly me.


7 responses to “If You Give a Writer a Platform

  1. Could I be a roadie on your unpublished book tour? That would be, like, totally awesome. Are awful undergarments a must? I’m definitely “in” if that’s the case.

    You could be a guest blogger on my blog. Lots of exposure there. Just a thought.

  2. Like, you can so totally be a roadie. Undergarments in any condition preferred but not required.

    And we’d love to be guest bloggers on your totally bloggiest blog-blog! Just say the word (the word is sassafras).

    • Miss Amy, do you want to guest on The Lisas’ page? We could do a switch–like Freaky Friday. But who is the mom and who is the daughter?

  3. I am so, like, totally excited about this idea! SASSAFRAS! You Lisas just need to put your brilliant (dare I say GENIUS) heads together and decide when we want to do the Freaky Friday switch. You guys can be the mom – I think I’m still a little immature about a few things in life. Just a few.

  4. Hi Girls!

    I just found you because I was doing the procrastination Google dance instead of hunkering down on that ungodly query letter.

    I’m so glad I was being bad! I found you as my sweet reward.

    I’m a 40 somethin’ chick who’s getting ready to venture out into the world of nabbing one of those elusive agent folk. I like my wine very much, too. And I also hate the Apple Genius Dudes. They’re assbags, each and every smug techie one of them.

    I’ve got to work on this platform thing myself. I’ve got some of the to do’s, but I’ve got work ahead of me.

    Love your blog, ladies. I’ll be back.

    • Thank you for passing on the bright torch of procrastination–I love your website.
      Sincerely, A Lisa

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