Where do Babies Come From? #WIP

“That would make a great book.” I say this, in my head or aloud, at least once a week, much to the dismay of my poor, put-upon husband, who is usually the one standing around (or trapped in a car) with me.

Sometimes an idea – a new “baby,” if you will – is instigated by a true, stranger-than-fiction news account. “A man who got sucked out of his shower by a tornado? That would make a great story. One has to assume he was buck naked. Probably a short story.”

Sometimes it’s merely a random thought that pops into my head, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you had this guy who was aging backward?” AND THEN BRAD PITT MAKES A MOVIE FROM ***MY*** IDEA. Seriously plucked that one directly from my brain.

Lisa and I get a little freaky about reading fiction while we’re writing it. I contend that other authors are channeling my thoughts and frequently wear a tin foil hat and sunglasses, mostly because I think it’s stylish. Lisa merely avoids heavy reading. Unfortunately, other forms of entertainment – movies, television, monster truck rallies, rodeos –  have been known to infiltrate my creative muse. Always it is *I* who have the idea and *them* who steal it. Except Lisa, she is honest and doesn’t steal. That’s why I like her. Everyone else is suspect.

I know what you’re thinking and I’ll give you fair warning: that “shower sucking tornado” thing is mine, all mine.

Disclaimer: Nakedness is funny. Tornadic activity and death are not funny. Lisa is suitably ashamed; she blames her curious case of indiscretion on Benjamin Button.


4 responses to “Where do Babies Come From? #WIP

  1. Hahahaha…love the disclaimer!!!

  2. then there’s the fine-fine print disclaiming the disclaimer….

  3. Nakedness IS funny…especially when you’ve had a few kids, and are past the age of 30…

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