Ya Win a Few, Ya Choose a Few

We are pleased to announce that we were recently given a blogging award by our critique pal/blogging buddy, Layinda, of Layinda’s Blog.

Traditionally, when one receives an award like this, he/she graciously passes it along to someone else with no strings attached, but The Versatile Blogger Award comes with some conditions, listed below. If you are one of the recipients, please understand there is no pressure to accept it – just know that we enjoy visiting your blog.

1. Thank the folks and link to them
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass along to 15 bloggers (and link to them)
4. Comment on their blogs to tell them of the award

1.) Thank the Folks and Link to Them:

Thank you, Layinda, for awarding The Versatile Blogger Award to us. It’s our first and we’ll cherish it forever.

2.) Share Seven Things About Ourselves:

1. The Lisas met in a 9th grade English class when One Lisa said, “This teacher is not cool,” and TOL (The Other Lisa) thought, “Who is this weirdo?”

2. One Lisa could eat nothing but pepperoni pizza for every meal, every day, for the rest of her life.

3. TOL could drink nothing but champagne, every day, for the rest of her life.

4. One Lisa loves summer and hates winter.

5.TOL would like to move further North.

6. One Lisa is a retired homemaker (think about it).

7. TOL makes a mean sour cherry gin sling. Must be the Lushy Lisa.

3. Pass Along to 15 Other Bloggers and Link to Them:
(In alphabetical order)

Aspiring Mama

Blogbrarian – Not Your Mother’s Weblog

Brenda Drake Writes

C. A. Marshall

Chick Lit is not Dead

Christine Writes and Eats

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Granny1947’s Blog

Laundry Hurts My Feelings

Liz Fichera’s Blog

Mike Jung’s Little Bloggy Wog

Pimp My Novel

Romance Writers on the Journey

Sarah with a Chance

The Seekers

4.) Comment on Their Blogs to Tell Them of the Award:

One of the great things about the above step: it’s forced us to be more sociable. Heck, some of these fine people didn’t even know we existed…at the risk of being labeled stalkers, we popped out of nowhere to sing their praises! Please feel free to check them out for yourself. 😉

Thanks again, Layinda!


38 responses to “Ya Win a Few, Ya Choose a Few

  1. Great idea! Love this!

  2. Glad that you’re enjoying the award so much, and am also excited to check out the new-to-me blogs! 🙂

    • This may be the best publicity award ever. Well, the Nobel Prize includes cash…but other than THAT…

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  4. Hi Lisa and Lisa –

    Thanks for the award. 🙂 I will be happy to play over on my blog later in the week. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of a book release but look forward to paying it forward!


  5. OMG we are cracking up that there is a Lisa & Lisa writing team that met in ninth grade too-LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for the award! *blushes and takes a bow* We really appreciate you thinking of us-your blog is great! xoxo L&L

    • Isn’t this just more fun than a Walmart parking lot carnival?!

      Liz really should consider changing her name, but we won’t hold it against her if she doesn’t agree. We like Mabel Sue. What daya think?

  6. *sniff* You like my blog… *sniff*

    Seriously, thanks for the shout-out, it’s much appreciated! Incidentally, I could also eat pepperoni pizza every meal for the rest of my life, although my doctor assures me that the rest of my life would end up being quite a bit shorter if I do. Rats. Think I’ll go eat some kale or something…

    • Congrats BTW on getting ripped, I mean repped!!!

      I’d say we’re jealous, but that would be like saying kale pizza sounds disgusting – DUH.

      Don’t forget about us little people. What do ya mean, “little people who?”

  7. Well, shoot. I dunno what to say, except thanks. I have to be completely honest because, well, I’m honest. I don’t know of 15 other blogs. My world is kind of small. I’m going to start reading the 14 other blogs that you’ve mentioned so that’s a positive. In the meantime, if you want to know 7 totally unique and fascinating things about me, let me know.

    • You know what they say, “Strangers are just friends in training pants.” Something like that. Go google a few phrases like “other mommies who drink” or “mama’s hot flash”…then again, maybe not.

      You KNOW you want that purdy green award, you know you do…
      And not just us but the whole world deserves to know about your 7 amazing appendages. Something like that.

  8. Oh my Lawdy! Thank you so much girls. I am thrilled! I didn’t even know you girls knew of lil’ ole’ me! I think I’m more excited over that than the award!

    I’m on vacation this week with my family who are like energizer bunnies on crack, so I’m not having much down time here, but I’ll be back next week in full force in my beloved blogworld.

    Thank you so very much. Stalk ya’ later.

    • Laundry is hurtful in so many ways, it’s our pleasure and duty to spread the word far and wide.

      Enjoy your vacation! We recommend slipping those adorable wild family members a little NyQuil, (or you can take it yourself – no-charge advice).

  9. Other mommies who drink??? HA HA HA HA!! Okay, you rascals. I accept. You two are the absolute best.

  10. Thanks for being so kind and mentioning Seekerville, LISAS!!!!

    • You are so very welcome. We are paddling as hard as we can to get off Unpub Island and you gals are an inspiration!

  11. Hey KOOL Seekerville made your list. Thank you.

  12. Big Seeker hugs to both of you!!! And you will make it off the island!!!

  13. Oh My Goodness…I am “almost” speechless.
    Thank you so much.
    We are having internet problems so I can’t promise to post today but will definitely respond.
    It is going to take this old girl a whole day trying to work out all those links!!!
    I can’t wait to read all the others on your list.

    • Just have fun with the process when you can! We’ll work on fixing that internet for you, after all, we have “connections.”

  14. Did you gals notice that Mary Connealy does not know how to spell “cool”?

    I find that odd, don’t you?

    But not SURPRISING!!!

    Lisas (or Lisa-to-the-second-power or Lisa-squared as I like to say, I’m quite mathematical, you know…) you two are a hoot.

    You should write a book about the two gals writing a book as the background story and the romance the foreground story.

    Stinkin’ fun that would be. If you don’t use that idea, give it back to me, I might just fit it in somewhere.

    Thanks for the shout out. And we’ll be glad to keep bossing you around (Tina’s job) to help you achieve your goal of mainland habitation.

    Pay it forward. Or back. Just pay up, right? 😉

    Bless you guys.

    • This is BS Lisa (Bad Speller) so it’s all KEWL to me!

      Can we schedule you to boss us on a daily basis? Say around 8am? EST.

      Thanks in advance. Or behind. Just consider yourself paid in full!

  15. And then you have folks like me dropping by from Maria’s blog block party!

    Funny blog and now I have a craving for a cherry sour gin sling . . . at nine in the morning!

    Will be back!


  16. Funny blog and now I have a craving for a cherry sour gin sling . . . at nine in the morning!

    Will be back!


    PS: If this is a dup, I apologize, WordPress hates me!

  17. Hi Lisas,

    I came over from Maria’s blog and can’t wait to read more of your blog.

    this is my blog: http://dallnotes.blogspot.com

    • We’ll mix a few drinks, put on clean underwear and drop over for a visit. We promise not to stay long – a week or two, tops.

  18. Congratulations on your award!!

    Thanks for sharing it with me and my blog. =)


  19. Hi, Lisas!

    My post is up. I’m paying it forward. I’d like to thank the Academy–wait, wrong award. 😉 Anyway, your linkage brought me great followers this week. Thank you very much. What a great idea!

    • You’re welcome. And we’re VERY impressed by your timeliness. It took us three and a half years to find 15 friends. (TOL says I exaggerate. This may be a case.)

  20. You’re welcome. And we’re VERY impressed by your timeliness. It took us three and a half years to find 15 friends. (TOL says I exaggerate. This may be a case.)

  21. Hey Lisas! Thanks so much for the award. Your blog is fabulous! 🙂

    • You’re welcome. And thank you. (Fabulous AND polite – what more could any reader want?)

      Do keep in touch, and have fun with the award!

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