Will the Real Lisa Please Stand Up?

Yesterday, we took on the challenge of The Bald Faced Liar “Creative Writer” Blogger Award, given to us by lovely Layinda’s Blog. A condition of accepting the award was to list seven facts about ourselves, the catch being that six of them had to be lies and one truth, or six truths and one  lie. Commentators were invited to guess which way we decided to go with it, and determine the odd one out.

We hope you enjoyed guessing, whether in print or in your crafty little heads. But were you right? (Beware: we were sneaky and not above playing fast and loose with the facts…) Here’s the recap, answers included:

  1. The Lisas are fluent in Spanish. FALSE: While both Lisas took 4 years of high school Spanish, only one did well, while the other lied, cheated and stole her way through and can barely start a bar fight.
  2. Billy Joel had an opportunity to marry one Lisa. TRUE: He could have had his pick. Instead he went with Christy Brinkly. His loss.
  3. One Lisa collects damaged cats. TRUE: She is on her second tailless feline and third crippled cat total.
  4. One Lisa was cast in an Indiana Jones stunt scene. TRUE: She was plucked from the audience for a stage show at a Florida theme park where she got to dress up as as a bazaar woman and shriek a lot. Nothing new.
  5. The Lisas volunteered as Cuban freedom fighters. TRUE: *see #1 – Our Spanish teacher, Senora Coba, was a Cuban refugee. That nobody took us up on our offer is technically not our fault. We were sincerely simpatico and anyway we had nothing better to do our sophomore year.
  6. One Lisa can predict the score of any sporting event before it takes place. TRUE: The score will be zero-zero.
  7. One Lisa doesn’t like to look at live performers. TRUE: Dead performers are apparently no problem. There is no rational excuse for this. Perhaps Billy Joel took offense?

Our final obligation in accepting the award is to pass it on to six creative liars writers, post links to them, and let them know they’ve been nominated. (There is no pressure to accept, we understand some of you have day jobs.):

  1. An Army of Ermas
  2. Crystal Blake – Blog it, baby *newbie alert: you saw it here first!
  3. Maria Zannini – Tales of Otherworlds
  4. Novelicious – Snuggling Up With a Girly Book (where Lisa is in process to be a guest contributor)
  5. Why I Fear Clowns

Thanks again to Layinda’s Blog for sharing with us!


6 responses to “Will the Real Lisa Please Stand Up?

  1. Ha! Found you under “bald faced liar”…hmmm…what does that say about me? Funny stuff — I will be back.

    • We will be here! And we’d like to say it means you have good taste (we’d like to say that, but……) Ah heck, we’ve been found under shadier search terms 😉

  2. Tee hee – LOL! Billy Joel missed out totally. What was he thinking??

  3. Thank you. Thank you.

    :does that little Queen Elizabeth wave:

    I think I’ve done this award a time or two already.

    Evidently, my liar status is well documented–in most established constabularies.

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