Lisas on the Journey

This Lisa just came back from a vacation where she visited lots and lots of lovely mansions. She asked her family what they wanted to do while out East and when no one responded, she planned the trip her way. Yes, with the Lisas, it is often all about us, us, us. (As a tiny bit of cosmic payback, please note she is writing this from her little brick ranch trying not to feel bitter and cheated.)

Luckily for the Lisas, there are some wonderful people out there who are thinking about others. Keli Gwyn is a writer of inspirational historical romance who takes the time out of her own busy schedule to help other writers. One way she does this is by interviewing not yet published and debut authors on her site: Romance Writers on the Journey. Today she posts an interview with your favorite scribbling duo: The Lisas.

We want to extend a big thanks to Keli for this opportunity. She is an amazingly efficient interviewer and a kind person. We hope that someday we’ll get organized enough to give something back. Although we aren’t quite there yet, we do have a prize offered up in our interview on her site. If you’ve been hanging around our blog long enough you’ll remember we gave away a hand-knitted cup cozy to celebrate finishing our MS, Will Steal for Shoes. If you go to Keli’s page you will have another opportunity to snag a cup cozy! One step at a time we’re working to be better writers and just plain better people. Really.

*muffin not included; we’re not that much better yet


16 responses to “Lisas on the Journey

  1. Very nice interview!

    • Thanks, J.
      Or should we say, “J.”? (your secret identity is safe with us – we wouldn’t let it get out that we were following us either) lol

  2. Lisa and Lisa, I’m delighted to have you as my guests. Your visitors will have fun learning more about your and your writing journey.

    • Miss Keli, did you ever know that you’re our hero? You’re everything we wish we could be…(better stop here or we’ll owe copyright fees). 😉

  3. I figured I was pushing things by having Nancy Drew on estrogen for a main character in my mystery. I had thought that I would love to see a middle aged married couple for a romance novel. Looking forward to reading yours when it’s published.

    • Nancy Drew on estrogen sounds excellent to me. I love reading about middle aged gals like me–the young chicks are fun too, but I don’t relate as fully.

  4. I don’t drink coffee, but I’m thinking that cozy would make a nice sweater for the ground squirrels currently invading my back yard.

    Great interview, ladies!

  5. I heart The Lisas. Will you still talk to me when you’re famous? I’m seeing your faces on the “about the author” section of a book very soon.

    PS LDC – I am very Midwestern too. Example: “Gosh, that’s different.”

    • You are LFF–Lisa Friend Forever and we will always take your call.
      P.S. Pasting an expression of pretend delight on my face is also part of the Midwestern ethos and a habit which has served me well.

  6. Hey! Congratulations! I’m popping over there now to read your interview. And LDC — did you go to Providence, RI for your trip?

  7. Hey, Lisa–We were in Newport, RI. I didn’t want to come home…

  8. I am on my way over to see the interview now.
    Damn…no muffin…and here I was…wondering how well it would travel to Africa!!!

    • Perhaps if we put the muffin in a bottle and threw it in the ocean…I’ll be living on this side of the Atlantic soon…it could work!

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