Never Post Grape Nuts Before Breakfast

I won’t bore y’all with the details of my residency move. You’ve either done it before and know what it’s like, or you haven’t and don’t care a lick. Suffice to say Numero Dos Lisa is happily ensconced along the Treasure Coast and trying desperately to get back on track, writing-wise. Because we know what you really care about is more fabu books by Lisa & Lisa. It’s what we care about too, darn it all.

Speaking of escapism, one of our beta readers (reluctantly) mentioned that Version 1.0 of our WIPHSOTI” was way too realistic (and boring), and therefore she “hated it.” A lot. Which is interesting, because at least half of the betas liked it better than Version 2.0. Just goes to show two things: first, we can please about half of the people half of the time, which ain’t bad. And secondly, we are versatile enough for a wide range of tastes. Since our goal is to conquer the *entire* reading population, this leads to the inevitable Third Rewrite Version 3.0. Bleck. Sounds like work. Oops, I mean, yippee! Can’t wait to get started!

If I’m sounding more scatterbrained than even what’s usual, don’t be alarmed. I’m sure it’s only temporary. That, and the ever increasing numbness in my right hand. No, I am not a hypochondriac. Why do you ask? My husband thinks I have developed adult ADHD.  I’m pretty sure he’s right about the AD part, but I can only wish for the HD part. No one has ever accused me of being hyperactive. Or Hi-Def, for that matter. In fact, I’ve been up for two hours this morning and have only managed to write three paragraphs. Of a rather dull blog post. Perhaps I should spice it up a bit with a photo of what I look like at 8:00 in the morning?

That’s right, I look somewhat Polynesian first thing in the morning – you got a problem with that?

Of course, this is what TOL (The Other Lisa) looks like. But not until after her coffee.

Okay, time for me to get back to work writing and critiquing. Right after my bowl of Post Grape Nuts. And a nice warm shower.


7 responses to “Never Post Grape Nuts Before Breakfast

  1. Lucky you. I look like a 65 year old Native American man when I first get up in the morning.

  2. I think your Beta reader was a little harsh and saying that she “hated it” was really kind of mean. Believe me, I have read a lot of BAD books and your version 1.0 of the WIP was not in the same league as those. Hope your move wasn’t too painful. Speaking of hate – I hate moving. I may just have to stay in this house until I can no longer climb the stairs b/c I dislike moving that much.

    • In defense of said Beta, she really didn’t want to be honest, but we’re glad she was. And the version 1.0 of the wip in question is our hockey wife story – we’re just too prolific for our own good – lol
      I have stairs for the first time in this new place. My knees make weird noises I choose to ignore. Complacency is insidious; Adventure is my new middle name. Beats my old middle name, Ignora Dustbunny.

      • It’s true–she didn’t want to hurt our feelings, so we had to force it out of her. No worries as A) she loved the second version and B) rejection just bounces off us.

  3. Now that that is your OLD second name can I use it please?

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