Not Tonight, Dear, I Have a Blogache

One of our “Hens With Pens” critique partners, Melanie, wrote on facebook: blog is a weird word. So true, Melanie. But as TOL (The Other Lisa) astutely pointed out in another post almost a year ago now, we really do like to blog. I like it more than housework, I like it more than bathing; I don’t love it more than food & drink, but two out of three ain’t bad. I wish I didn’t find blogging more irresistible than actual, productive writing, but at the risk of a rogue literary agent checking out our credentials, I can’t help myself. Blogging brings out the maniac in my egomania. My husband accuses me of having an affair with my computer. I don’t deny it.

I was telling TOL (The Other Lisa) I need to figure a way to put the fun back into my writing routine. (I need to put the routine back in too, but that’s another blog post, one I’m sure I’ve already written.) Nike took, “Just do it,” so maybe I’ll try, “Just write it.” Naw, I’m not feeling it. Perhaps, “if you write it, they will read.” Again, sounds vaguely familiar… Forget the slogan campaign. A nice bribe never hurt. TOL and I once set a goal that we’d do something cool upon reaching a set number of words in our first manuscript.

Hey, TOL, did we ever do whatever it was we told ourselves we were gonna do? Obviously that wasn’t the best motivator either.

Speaking of bribes, a change of venue might be what I need to get my mojo into high gear. Sure, I’m in a brand new setting, but it doesn’t take long for “home” to become ho-hum, even in paradise. I’m thinking of taking the laptop on the road – across the road, to be specific – and heading over to the mall to set up “shop.” Um, no, shopping did not cross my mind at all. Not even those throw rugs that may or may not still be on sale. Or the ones that weren’t on sale last week, but may be now. Or the indoor local vendor market, whatever that is. I have no curiosity whatsoever. I will be strong, resolute, firm – like a cantaloupe …you don’t suppose? No! I will cease goofing around and get back to work. Work, work, work – all work and no play. Speaking of play, I wonder what’s showing at the theater? It’s the weekend already? You don’t say…

Any suggestions from readerdom as to what will help motivate The Lisas into finishing our multiple works in progress? Lines are open now! Line three is particularly lovely this time of year.


10 responses to “Not Tonight, Dear, I Have a Blogache

  1. 500 words is my “get out of laundry free” card. I finished chapter twelve, but I’m out of clean underwear.

    • we’re thinking a “get out of cooking free” card – no groceries, no prep, no cooking, no cleanup…no money…darn hungry…back to the drawing board

  2. I use writing as (among other things) a procrastination tool: e.g. if I’m writing, it means I’m not doing the dishes. More than that, writing is just me jotting down my daydreams and then going over and over them. It’s my escape. Boring job? Make up a better one! No friends? Pffff! I got your friends right here. Never have I had a better excuse to go to Starbucks and sit for hours (provided no one’s going through the trash …) listening to music and tuning everything out. I guess I need someone to motivate me to stop writing.

  3. p.s. thanks for the shoutout 😉

  4. I find good chocolate an effective inducement. Do this now and then you can have that lovely dark chocolate truffle…

  5. If you go back to the slogan idea, “Ass in chair, MS done, or no food today!” might be a somewhat ambitious approach. I think a change of scenery helps, though, so I’m all for getting out of the house. I’m jealous of Melanie using writing as a procrastination tool (it’s not natural!). When I write at home I use (shudder) cleaning as my “don’t feel guilty about not writing” qualifier. Good luck, and stay away from the rugs!

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