Half Empty?

Last night I decided to indulge in an evening glass of wine. This is a not an uncommon event Chez Lisa. Just as I finished pouring a particularly delicious and full-bodied grenache, I somehow bumped into the goblet. (Please note: at this time I had not consumed any alcohol.) A veritable cascade of deep purple wine flowed over the chipped yellow formica of my circa 1957 counter.

As I sopped up the wine with a cloth, I decided this was a fitting metaphor for my life. My cup was not half empty, nor was it half full. It was spilled. But what exactly did that mean? Was I throwing away my life? Or was my life spinning outside of my control? Was it draining away as I tried to get it back, possibly employing even such desperate measures as licking it off the counter?

I would have meditated on this possibly important observation further, if not for three important factors:

1. I am not a deeply analytical person.

2. Property Virgins was starting on HGTV.

3. There was enough wine left in the bottle for a second glass.

Do you, dear reader, enjoy pondering deeply, or even lightly and fluffily,  into the meaning of life? I turn to anyone who might be reading this to offer his or her insight. I await, glass in hand, any knowledge you have to share.


5 responses to “Half Empty?

  1. I used to be a bottle half-empty person. When life handed me a half empty bottle (metaphorically speaking), the best solution was a glass of wine (literally). Now that I don’t drink, I’m just heavily medicated.

  2. Maybe I’m a bottle half-full, cup half-empty person. Or maybe I’m confusing even me.

  3. I think I’m half baked at this point. A librarian without a cause. I also may be half nuts. More wine, please.

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