Boom Chica Wowow

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The Lisas can’t help but wonder what people are thinking. Much like the oft maligned Hormel Foods Corporation must have wondered how the conception of email spam would affect the sale of meat products Spam, we put this blog out and often get some unexpected results.

Statistics are like a train wreck – gruesome, but impossible to look away from. (Or is it “from which to look away”?) When we first started blogging, the Lisas would watch hits like some people watch the stock market, that is to say obsessively. Granted, we still like to see big numbers, but so far we haven’t managed to crack the code to going viral, and are therefore no real threat to facebook or twitter. Yet.

We suspect is has something to do with tags. This Lisa currently has a tag in the back of her shirt that is driving her to seek a pair of sharp scissors and go after the manufacturer. Oops, different kind of tags. Keyword tags, are what I’m talking about here. For example, on this post we might use Spam, facebook and twitter as tags. And conception. Which would be a big mistake. In our last post we almost tagged the title Property Virgins. Here’s how we know this would be an unwise choice; the terms people use to find this blog range from humorously wacky to surprisingly disturbing. Granted, we discuss granny-panties with great flourish and frequency, so we’ve generated some of this weirdness upon ourselves.

Here are a couple examples of what people are apparently googling when they wittingly or unwittingly stumble upon us:

  • retreat realization and blog
  • hang up the telephone
  • emma and mr knightley make a baby
  • hello my friend very hot here i miss you
  • gag order boat name
  • please throw rubbish here
  • is there symbolic messages to the knuckl
  • “big old lisa”

…and most recently: boom chica wowow.

What can we say? When you’re hot, you’re hot. Random wackos and the rest of y’all enjoy your stay here at Lisaland.


10 responses to “Boom Chica Wowow

  1. It would be interesting to Google those search terms to see what else comes up. Probably MY blog. 😉

  2. Please throw rubbish here, “big old Lisa”. Gosh, I love you two. You’re brilliant and make me laugh daily.

    • perhaps if we posted daily our charm would wear off – you’d be stuck reading our meal menus, appointment schedules and hit lists – wait, I wasn’t supposed to include that last bit

  3. I’m going to have to behave myself. I’m already getting spam for devices to enlarge man parts, and sites to make $500 a day on the internet. We won’t even go into diet pills and houses of ill repute. It just makes you wonder what flood gate you’re opening when you say orifice.

  4. But look at the ammunition it gives you! When your kids wonder why you shriek “Can I have just one moment of privacy?”you could print out the list and let them know it’s quite difficult to fulfill the expectations people have of you. And think about how big your husband’s ego will swell when he knows what a boom chicka wow-wow his honey is.

  5. Sure, we put it to music and made a dance video, but we’re determined to remain humble.

  6. You know you’ve arrived when your blog is equated with night-time recreation (or, is it a children’s book?). Either way, like you said…HOT!

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