And a Very Laissez-Faire Holiday to You!

When one of the Lisas recently moved to Florida, the Lisa who was left behind in Michigan professed to a complete lack of jealousy. She was not being entirely truthful. However, it is not the relocation to sunnier climes which has stoked her envy of Florida Lisa. Salty tropical breezes only mean sunrash and itchy hives to the cold  loving Lisa. All ya’ll south of the Mason-Dixon can keep that heat to yourselves; this Lisa will take the snow and ice any day.

No, her jealousy stems from knowing how many holiday decorations The Other Lisa got rid of before she moved. When Michigan Lisa walked into work and observed that several of her co-workers had already decorated their cubicles in festive fashion, her shoulders drooped in defeat. She can’t even get up the gumption to decorate her own home much less turn her souless corporate workspace into a Winter Wonderland. If MI Lisa had thrown out/recycled/left behind her holiday ornaments, she wouldn’t have them lurking in the basement making her feel guilty about not wanting to drag them upstairs and strew some serious tinsel.

One of Michigan Lisa’s many problems surrounding her ornament and mistletoe slump, is her children. They are at that teen/tween age where they no longer want to spend hours moving the figures on the Nutcracker Advent Calendar: into the pockets, on to the tree, all over the floor. But they aren’t quite ready for mom to forgo the fresh cut tree in favor of a few lights strung on the potted jade plant in the study. This is a viable option for Florida Lisa; she is just going to string a few lights on a palm and ask for another margarita…

Now that sounds festive.


18 responses to “And a Very Laissez-Faire Holiday to You!

  1. My aunt and uncle have a three foot tree which is permanently decorated. After Christmas, they put a sheet over it and take it to the basement. In December, they bring it up, put it on top of a table next to the living room window, plug it in, and they’re done. From outside, it looks just like a regular six foot tree. Although they’re eighty. 😉

    • I knew this one-stop-decorating plan was too good to be true. So we have to dig a basement, eh? It’s still worth it. –Wait, maybe your aunt and uncle can store our 5 foot pre-lit Christmas palm!?

  2. Brilliant! This year I’ll just string some lights on the fake bamboo and call it done. First, I’ll have to get some lights … and some margarita mix.

    • If you’ve got fake bamboo you’re already one step ahead of the game. Real bamboo attracts pandas and they’re notorious for destroying Christmas lights.

  3. Palm trees and margaritas at the nearest tiki bar sounds like my kind of Christmas, Lisas!

  4. William Kendall

    With any luck, Florida will get buried under a blizzard this winter.

    hey, it can happen, right?

    • No oranges in someones stocking this year. Seriously, if it freezes that’s the end of the citrus crop. Do you really want that on your head? Hmmm? Now go shovel some snow and leave me in comfort and joy in the sand.

  5. Am I a bad friend if I agree with you? Cause I think that would be hilarious–expecially if it was just a little snow cloud right over Lisa’s house.

  6. You are reading my mind. The only thing worse is sitting next to someone at work who started decorating at the beginning of November and keeps asking questions such as “Have you decorated your house yet?” “I’m almost done shopping. How about you?” I grew up in a house where my mother’s tradition was to have the family decorate the tree on Christmas Eve.

  7. Chin up, Lisa. I have a Happy Holidays sign that’s got your name all over it. It’s currently sitting on my not-so-festively-decorated desk. I gave away all of my other decorations last month due to an apparent chemical imbalance that makes me quit blogging. Tonight my hubby suggested that we start some new family traditions and my 15-year-old laughed at him. Yeah, I know just how you feel.

  8. Hello There…my DIL just left her little tree up all year. I told her it was bad luck but she won a huge TV AND the Receiver of Revenue gave her back a whole heap of cash…so much for old grannies tales!

  9. Did she leave it up because it’s so pretty, pretty, pretty, or because taking it down is exhausting? Either way, you’ve proved the only prize for judgementalism is that it’s just plain fun.

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