To Re-read or Not to Re-read, that is the Question

TOL (The Other Lisa) is a squeamish sort and won’t let me go into gory detail about my recent abdominal surgery, so instead we’re going to debate whether re-reading books is a ridiculous waste of time often leading to disappointment and disillusionment, or a perfectly normal, enjoyable pastime practiced by bibliophiles around the world.

LISA: It’s the first one. Re-reading sucks. The only times I’ve ever re-read anything were either on accident (I have the attention span of a gnat), or because I wanted to recapture a precious moment. Instead, it completely ruins what was once a cherished memory. Why did I ever re-read Harriet the Spy? Why? And what possessed me to read it in the first place?

TOL: I would gladly re-read any of my least favorite books, including Lord of the Flies or Gone with the Wind, as long as Lisa 1 swears she will never attempt to show my her picture of her recently removed benign tumor. She keeps telling me, “It looks like a brain,” in the misguided belief that this is tempting me to take a peek. I do not need to be threatened by surgical detritus to re-read any of my favorites. In fact, I re-read A Christmas Carol every year right before Christmas. I’m going upstairs to get it now.

LISA: See, you admit re-reads can be torturous on some level. Okay, I’ll play along to the likes of A Christmas Carol being some sort of holiday tradition or whatnot. Although it’s a bit long. Maybe that’s the point, to put the kiddies to sleep by reading it aloud? But seriously, why do the same boring thing over and over when you could have a brand new experience, such as viewing surgical glossies? Did I mention another of my internal organs bears an uncanny resemblance to an empanada? Care to guess which one?

TOL: I can’t hear you. “Fa, La, La, La, La.”

LISA: What do recycled Christmas tunes have to do with recycled books or biohazardous waste?

TOL: Is this a trick question? ‘Cause I have no idea what you are talking about. Good books are always worth re-reading. How can anyone resist an opening like this: Marley was dead: to begin with. I can’t, so I am stopping the writing and starting on the re-reading.

See you in the New Year!


12 responses to “To Re-read or Not to Re-read, that is the Question

  1. I love to reread books. Mostly I go straight for my favorite passages – action, adventure, and…well, love scenes. I’m sure your empanadas are quite fascinating? attractive? What’s the proper complement for internal organs?

    • Sexy, that’s the description I’m going with.
      Or maybe ‘complicated.’ As in: Lisa struggled with the complicated gut feeling that there was something intrinsically hypocritical about watching her favorite movies on DVD umteen times, but deeming print material fit only once and for all.
      Then again, maybe it’s just constipation.

  2. One of my New Year’s traditions is to re-read a favorite book.

    • You know what they say about New Year’s traditions: absolutely nothing. It’s all about the resolutions. Go for it, but you’ll probably still gain weight.

  3. I recently re-read “Sing Them Home” which made me so happy because it’s one of my favorite books. There I was, back in Nebraska with the whole entire dysfunctional Jones family. Gives me the warm fuzzies to think about it.
    As for TOL’s recent abdominal surgery, I am feeling very ishy just thinking about it. Take care and feel better soon.
    Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 to my two favorite Lisas.

    • Lo and Behold, your well-wishes (and half ton of Christmas loot) has made me well! I shall go forth and buy NEW books for 2011. Support starving authors – Ban Re-reading! 😉
      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to our favorite Blogbrarian (ret.).

  4. Wishing the two of you a peaceful and love filled festive season.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing your tumour but then I am a bit strange!
    I treated myself to the latest Terry Pratchett book for Xmas.
    Must confess I DO reread his books!

    • And a beautiful, wonderful holiday and New Year, filled with interesting reads and interesting surgical reviews to you as well! 😉

  5. I’m a HUGE re-reader. Because, you know, sometimes, I’m (ahem) intoxicated, er, occupied, when reading a book for the first time.

    • I’m the Lisa who thinks, “Gee, that seems familiar,” at the end of a book; retaining almost nothing from certain authors/genres (mostly thrillers). Then again, “change the name, change the town,” and you have every single John Saul book ever written, as my sister is fond of saying. Hey, maaaybe I DO re-read…

  6. Christina Williams

    I love re-reading my favorite books!

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