Evening the Odds or Odd Evenings with the Lisas

If two heads are better than one the Lisas should have this publishing thing all locked up. Then again, for all we know the major publishing gurus out there hate working with writing teams. Perhaps a super agent had a bad experience writing a joint thank-you note with an idiot brother back in third grade. Or a top editor was traumatized by a group project disaster in college. Who knows?

Who. Cares.

We’re toughing our skins (loofas), sharpening our quills (goose infestation) and starting the New Year off right. One Lisa’s mother (AKA One Judy), has a motto: “Moderation is the key.” The Lisas’ new motto might be: “Consistency is key.” That or, Where are my keys? What’s for dinner? Is it too late for Bridalplasty?

So, until we’re published in 2011, look for a few more blog posts, sneak-peek novel samples and a lot more interactive quizzing. For example:

  • What’s the best word we used in this post?
  • What’s do you think of the name Flynn for a male romantic lead?
  • Whatever happened to my purse-size bumbershoot? It’s suppose to rain tomorrow.

12 responses to “Evening the Odds or Odd Evenings with the Lisas

  1. 1. loofa
    2. meh
    3. Under the front passenger car seat. By the way, I thought only us Seattleites called umbrellas bumbershoots.
    Bonus – Favorite word in this comment: Seattleites

    • #1. bravo
      #2. Don’t tell us, you like Errol better.
      #3. Now where did I park that passenger car?
      Seattleites anything like stalagmites? Stalagmites rock.

  2. It probably doesn’t help that I knew someone in high school whose last name was Flynn, and she wore thick glasses and had buck teeth, but I’m not sure that Flynn sounds very macho. 😦

    • It’s true, it’s difficult to get past a name bias thing. There is only one Layinda, but don’t be surprised if you become fictionalized one day…sans the myopic eyes and overbite, of course. 😉

  3. 1. Moderation (good luck)
    2. No, too close to Finn which is popular due to Glee.
    3. On the floor, under boots.
    Looking forward to the blog in 2011 and reading your published novel.

    • Thanks. You’re right about the Flynn/Finn thing, although there’s always the ‘jump on the bandwagon’ philosophy.
      We’re looking forward to reading our published novel as well. Until then, we never want to look at it again. That 73rd edit was an absolute buzzkill. Time to learn to hate our next books with equal passion.
      Still no luck finding the umbrella…

  4. 1. Bridalplasty
    2. Not digging the name Flynn. At. All.
    3. One of your family members borrowed it and never returned it.
    By the way, my dear grandmother used to say that moderation is key as well. Her name wasn’t Judy but she would have liked your mothers anyhow.

    • #1. …Strange, nobody’s picked goose or quills.
      #2. It was an Errol Flynn crush. We’re over it.
      #3. Which one? I’ve got some knee caps to break.
      One Judy *may* have *accidentally* plagiarized, but we’re pretty sure the statute of limitations has run out.

  5. Personally, I think “The Lisas” is catchy. Or maybe “Lisa Squared?”

    Oh, but this is about character names. Flynn is good. Very good, in fact.

    • The Lisas *is* catchy, isn’t it? We’ve always liked you for your good taste. There’s a cannibal joke in there somewhere…

  6. Christina Williams

    1. quills
    2. it makes me think of fleghm, so no
    3. huh? what’s a bumbershoot?

    • #1.) Hurrah for quills!
      #2.) Mucus is not sexy?
      #3.) A bumbershoot is either an umbrella or a type of bamboo, I’m not sure. Either way, I want mine back.

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