Name That Romantic Comedy

The Lisas are busy writing a romance. Many romance heroines have a rocky start and ours is no exception. From the first line you can tell she’s at a low point:

When your blind date proudly introduces himself as Sam the Salamander Man, you should cut your losses right there.

It’s (almost) all uphill from there as forty-eight-year old Kathleen is wooed by a hunky thirty-three-year-old. Sounds good to us. (Did we say in an earlier blog that our writing is not wish fulfillment fantasy? We’re sticking to that–especially if our husbands read this.)

Though romance is beautiful, writing it is hard. We struggle page by page to deliver a satisfying sweetness that isn’t served with a heaping helping of corn. We also find ourselves blushing when we attempt to write sizzling scenes. We need inspiration, motivation, and a gentle fan to cool our burning faces. That last part might be menopause.

1Lisa is turning to her favorite romantic comedies as a way to get her into that perfect romance writing mood. Recognize these?

  1. Perky interior designer Jan Morrow shares a telephone line with womanizer Brad Allen.
  2. Joan Webster is determined to get to Killoran and marry her rich fiance. She doesn’t want to ruin things by falling for Torquil MacNeil.
  3. Freelance assassin Martin Blank returns home to Grosse Pointe, MI and the girl he left behind.
  4. Two brothers unexpectedly bump into the woman they both consider the love of their lives in this quirky Australian film.
  5. Computer expert Richard Sumner arrives to update Bunny Watson’s research department and ends up falling in love.

LisaToo is also wallowing in some cinematic smooches; her choices:

  1. Mr. Smith is surprised to discover his wife is a spy. Mrs. Smith is surprised to discover the same about her spouse.
  2. Helen Tasker thinks her husband has a boring job as a computer salesman, but he’s really a super-spy.

Are you picking up a trend in LisaToo’s movie watching preferences? Got any great recommendations for her? Apparently there has to be a spouse who is a spy posing as a normal person, but other than that, she’s open to anything.

Getting back to our own future-movie-based-on-the-book-by-yours-trulies. We have a working title, but sadly it is one that has been oft used by a variety of other authors, including one who writes about talking carrots. We need your help! What would you call a romantic comedy about an older woman and a younger man falling for each other – oh yeah, did we mention he’s the uncle of her daughter’s fiancé?


10 responses to “Name That Romantic Comedy

  1. The Time of Her Life

  2. ………………………………………………………………………………………

    Well, I’m just sitting here making up ridiculously raunchy titles, and laughing to myself.

    I’m no help.

    • we’re partial to the double entendre and a little sad that we can’t come up with something that has ‘monkey’s uncle’ in the title 😉

  3. Obviously Last Ride Of The Cougars is out.

  4. Tangled Up? Dysfunctional Family?

    • The Lisas put the fun in dysfunctional 😉
      “Tangled Up” or some variation has merit…
      Did we mention our story is really very sweet and not at all depraved? We’re thinking we’re going to need to be more clear…clear writing, ah, now there’s a concept…

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