We’re Better Than Okay, You’re Better Than Okay!

Making Smiles AwardIt’s blog award time once again! The Lisas are always thrilled to be recognized by anyone other than our mothers, The Judys, but especially by other writers. A big thank you goes to Norma Beishir of Windchaser’s Journey for nominating us.

We like to think those smiles on our readers’ faces is because of our witty banter. Or is that just gas? Either way, you’re excused. And of course we want to share the joy (or gas). You may feel undeserving of such an ignominious introduction, but don’t be modest. Fellow bloggers, come on down:

Sarah Perry, children’s & YA author – The Restless Writer
Cozy Mystery Writers: Killer Characters
Julie Weathers, author
First Novels Club
Michelle Miller Harrington, stand-up comedian

*We have no idea why some (one) of our links shows up in pretty hyperlink blue, while the rest remain dark and dreary. We are not playing favorites – we love you all equally, so stop squabbling and don’t make us pull this blog over. Now go forth, check each other out and spread the love and peace (major hippy flashback).


9 responses to “We’re Better Than Okay, You’re Better Than Okay!

  1. A well deserved award, guys! Virtual smooches coming your way!

    • Thanks, we virtually love virtual love! A little birdy told us you got one too! Yay mature women who attempt to amuse virtually!

  2. Congratulations! You always put a smile on my face.

  3. Hooray for the Lisas! And thank you so much for nominating me too! WOO HOO!!! There’s virtual love all over the place. This is so beautiful.

  4. Hey Sarah–good luck on all your writing ventures!

  5. Congrats and a huge thanks for the award, ladies!

    And I have an answer about your link issue! The links are blue if you haven’t been to the site recently, but they’re gray if you have. It shows up differently for each person who views your site, depending on what websites they’ve visited.

  6. Thanks from the computer challenged Lisa!

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