Grounds for Marriage

The Lisas are probably not the best people to give romance advice, but since when has that stopped us? After all, we are writing a romantic comedy and that makes us self-appointed experts, leading to our first tip:

SENSE OF HUMOR ~ In any relationship the ability to laugh is key. The only exception to this might be the proctologist – patient relationship.

SENSE OF DIRECTION ~ Here’s a great Valentine’s Day gift, one that could inspire marriage or save one: buy a GPS. We can’t remember what it stands for, but who cares? Once you and your significant driving partner agree on a sexy computer voice, listening to it will save you from having to make actual car conversation.

SENSE OF PRIVACY ~ Every relationship benefits from a little mystery. Just for Valentine’s Day try a few of these ideas:

  • Close the bathroom door halfway.
  • Reconsider posting naked photos of your significant other on facebook.
  • Reconsider posting naked photos of yourself on facebook.
  • DO post declarations of love on facebook, but be sure to spell “blowout” right.

COMMON SENSE ~ Get a card, get a gift, blow our minds. Ignore Valentine’s Day at your own risk (Lisas’ husbands). We say it doesn’t matter, but we also say we don’t mind if you eat the last piece of chocolate. We lie. We lie like slippery scatter rugs. Like the throw rug we put in front of the chocolate cupboard. PUT …the candy… BACK. Better yet, go buy some more. Make it the good stuff. Shoo!


12 responses to “Grounds for Marriage

  1. “We lie like slippery scatter rugs.” Somewhere on a subconscious, primal level, that makes sense. Maybe it’s only where it applies to chocolates.

  2. You ladies are amazing! Read your blog aloud at work — we were all howling! Thanks for keeping romance real — “close the bathroom door halfway”! Ha Ha Ha! (maniacal laughter) If only it hadn’t already happened. Hope your V-days were fantastic.

    • The Lisas husbands stepped up to the plate. We will keep them around another year. Hope your V-Day was equally satisfactory 😉

  3. “Close the bathroom door halfway” I love it!

  4. Funny blog, you two… and I love the common sense portion!

  5. I love the way you girls think!

  6. Could you please define “privacy”? Gosh, that’s a big word. I think I may have come across that at one point.

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