Dead Presidents’ Day, or It’s Only Money But We Like it

As Presidents’ Day rolls around, the Lisas would like to claim a deep, selfless appreciation for the leaders of our country. If we could focus on the noble memories of the Father of our Country and Honest Abe instead of their respective currency and coinage, we would.

The Lisas are hungry, not only for bread pudding and nachos con queso, but for bread of the mucho dinero variety. We write because it’s a low-calorie, low risk, low aerobic activity, but we don’t want it to be a hobby. We fully desire to be paid for providing quality entertainment to the reading public. We’d like to be paid obscene amounts, but we’ll settle for working out way up the pay scale ladder.

Call us greedy, call us dreamers, just please don’t call us unpublished. All we want for Presidents’ Day is a book contract. We’ve been particularly good girls this year, Mr. Taft! We’ll be checking the mail for that book deal, Mr. Jackson. …What’s that? No mail on Presidents’ Day? Did we mention we how much we hate federal holidays?


11 responses to “Dead Presidents’ Day, or It’s Only Money But We Like it

  1. There’s always email with a hefty attachment. Good luck, ladies!

  2. When they say it is all about the Benjamins, I don’t think they mean Harrison 😉

  3. At least you can save money on Presidents’ day sales. I feel sorry for advertising executives who have to come up with some logical connection between dead presidents and new bath towels.

    • Lisa needs a new computer mouse, an even tougher sale than bath towels. How about “Presidents’ Day mouse sale – with free airport security screening spyware!”

  4. At least it’s a legitimate holiday. Up here we get the completely fake “Family Day” on the same date.

  5. If several provinces can agree to have a “Family Day” I have high hopes of getting “Lisa Day” passed through. I am going to target the campaign on Nunavut and New Brunswick.

  6. Something very scary happened to my FB account and all WordPress posts were turned off. You probably thought that I fell off the face of the earth and I’m sorry.
    Oh, and about the $ – I’m all for it. Long live the dollar. It’s all about the Roosevelts, baby. Money money money money.

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