Obscure Sports Part II: Hand-Eye Coordination for Fiction Writers

Sporty gals the Lisas are not, as the only sports that don’t require hand-eye coordination require some other form of coordination – feet, legs, torso, arms, hair – we lack mastery over any and all. Truth be told we’re limited in even our spectating abilities. One Lisa, however does have fond memories of pre-cable days when ten round boxing was popular on mainstream television and Howard Cosell was broadcasting king. Surely, you say, civilized people can’t imagine the appeal of two men going mano-a-mano in a contest of strength and endurance? All I can tell you is from the perspective of a shallow, pale,  formerly skinny girl, the appeal was primal: grunting, sweaty, bleeding men are sexy. Plus, there is a sense of camaraderie that goes on between not only sport participants, but spectators as well. It’s jolly good fun.

In our attempt to write romance, the Lisas are keenly aware that there is gal-speak and there is guy-speak. Listening to guy-speak is difficult enough; interpreting and copying is nigh on impossible. As we mentioned in last week’s post, as writers we draw on past, present and…no, not future experience, we’ll leave that to the sci-fi types for now. We know we need to work hard to give our stories the “feel” they need: the sights, sounds and stinky locker room smells.

So whereas Lisa2 is currently tackling tension between the strong, married characters of one manuscript, and One Lisa approaches the tumultuous “December-May” romance in another, they will do everything in their unlimited author-powers of observation to bring you, dear reader, right in the room with Gina and Nils or Kathleen and Gil…although we do our best to be inconspicuous when our couples are having, ahem, private moments. Thank you.


4 responses to “Obscure Sports Part II: Hand-Eye Coordination for Fiction Writers

  1. Since you’re drawing from experience, does that mean that One Lisa’s May-December romance is based on a boxing match? I think that December is going to have a rough time going ten rounds. Hell, I can’t go ten rounds, and I’m only mid-August.

    • lol – that’s the nice thing about fiction, right? December gets to be the hot, hot, hottie with a young stud
      (just please tell us by mid-August the hot, hot, hot flashes are fictional)

  2. What’s Mary’s take on this? Now, reading that would be jolly good fun.

    • the lisas have no idea what Mary would think, we’re not sure we know her as well as we thought

      she went out and bought a mink coat the other day – horrors!

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