It’s time for a major facelift here in merry old Lisa Land. The blog could use some work too.

We started blogging to prod ourselves into finishing a book. Since the Lisas have completed two manuscripts in the past year and a half, the name of our blog now has a ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ vibe. As the main character of our women’s fiction novel rightly accused us in her interview: “You weren’t exactly planning ahead with that genius title, were you?”

We’ve decided to relaunch under a different blog–or blogs–to reflect our writing of both women’s fiction and children’s books. You may not hear from us for a time as we scamper about like happy squirrels building a new nest, but we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

If you have any suggestions as to a blog title we’d love to hear from you. Sadly icanhascheezburger is already taken. TOL favors The Mid-Life Crisis and Cocktail Club, or, Welcome to Hell. Lisa likes Fuzzy Bunny Slippers Meet Dust Bunny-Skippers –fun for young and old alike.


12 responses to “Repurposeful

  1. Looking forward to your new website(s). How about Twin peeks

    • Twin Peeks – Sounds like an adorable peekaboo board book for babies until… the saggy centerfold – MWHAHAHA!

  2. I vote for Fuzzy Bunny Slippers Meet Dust Bunny Slippers 🙂

    • Fuzzy Dust Bunny Slippers – kill two bunnies with one stone. Yummy hasenpfeffer recipes for der kindergarten and frauleins alike!

  3. How about Two Hilarious Ladies Who May or May Not Have Showered?” Keep us posted!

    • The best part? Kids have a natural aversion to bathing. Say, this merger may be easier than we thought…

  4. Very excited about the facelift/new blog/change. I vote for This Is Why We Love Our Midlife Crisis. Or not.
    PS How is Mary doing? I see that you’re quoting her again. That was one of my very favorite posts.

  5. William Kendall

    Welcome to Hell seems fitting.

    Of course, you could also go with Bowing to the Feline Overlords.

    • There are good things about middle age. Nothing readily comes to mind, but we’ll get back with you. So far as feline overlords, you forgot scraping; bowing and scraping always go together. It’s fifty lashes with a rough tongue for you, mister.

  6. Good luck (and congratulations to progressing to the been there done that stage) to the both of you! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the new blog(s). As for a name suggestions . . . Hmmm . . . will have to ponder for a while.

    • We wish we could harness the energy from TOL’s son’s Easter candy sugar rush. We’d have the new blog up in about 3 seconds.

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