Two Heads are Not Better than Three

The lisas have been doing super-secret spy stuff behind the iron curtain. Or is it the paper curtain? All we know is those stupid curtains always need ironing but we ignore them with an iron will.

Bad curtains make for shaky metaphors: We spread ourselves too thin, yet our clumpy bottoms hang on the floor; not in a fashionable way, just a wrinkly mess. We still plan to spruce up the blog, iron the curtains and lose 10 pounds. Each. Er, combined?Umm. Nevertheless, we interrupt this blog revision interruption to bring you the following news flash:

Working without a net, and with but two brains of one mind between us, we have managed to pull off a masterful score. Two separate agents are currently reading our two separate manuscripts: Worth Lying For (formerly Will Steal for Shoes) and Curses.

We know what you’re thinking. It’s our job as writers to know what you are thinking. As students of human nature we understand what’s intrinsically funny is well known truth, specifically truth of an embarrassingly universal nature.

By now we’ve got you thinking you don’t remember what you were thinking. Truly, that was our plan all along, to distract you in entertaining fashion.

By the way, what you were thinking was, “Ah, if only there were more lisas to go around; those two should clone themselves.” We couldn’t agree more; we need someone to do the ironing.


13 responses to “Two Heads are Not Better than Three

  1. The hell, yeah! Congratulations, ladies! I’d help you with the ironing, but I’ll probably just scorch your panties.

    • How about dusting then? We give you permission to break the knickknacks so long we don’t have to deal. And thanks 🙂

  2. I am so darn proud of you two (and Mary too, of course!). And, yes, by gosh, I wish I could clone you two. You could edit my blog, help me deal with my teenagers AND iron my husband’s shirts. In that order.

    • …speaking of deal, teenagers are a deal-breaker, you’re on your own, old mum. But we’ll gladly blog with you any day of the week. Except Tuesday. And Bastille Day. Other than that, we’re wide open. Mary sends you her undying gratitude and her dirty laundry, not in that order.

  3. Lisas, please–you still buy things that have to be ironed?

  4. Hi! Congrats on the agents! That is soooo exciting that you have two books out there being read by two agents. I am sure they will pick them up. Can’t wait to have the chance to read them! 🙂

  5. Well congratulations to the both of you!

  6. Pure fabulousness! Please keep us posted.

    And, there was something else I was thinking, but I forgot what it was. But you knew that already, right?

  7. The Other Lisa knows exactly what you were thinking. She’ll make a note of it.

    • You owe us money, remember? From that time when we went to that place. And you bought that stuff. Pay up. 😉

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