Envy Rears Its Ugly Green Head, We Chop It Off

Thelisas know the seven deadly sins. 1Lisa invented three of them. They are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony. Also known as our to-do list.

We’re exploring fun new ways to combine these everyday vices. Take envy and greed, for example. Separate badnesses, sure – but together? Pure evil! As pleased as we are in what we’ve accomplished so far (not in poetry), we can’t be content until we meet Nora Roberts and take her crown. Actually snatch it off her nicely coifed head. And, yes, we do mean metaphorically because we’re pretty sure she has bodyguards and attack dogs. Just kidding, Ms. Roberts, J. D. Robb, or whoever you are.

Moreover we can’t be content with one book, one series or even one genre. We want it all and we want it as soon as possible, please. (Curse our polite Midwestern manners, they really hold us back from a good rant.)

Cue slothfulness! Cue rage! What? What do you mean rage isn’t in the top seven? What idiot made that list? Oh yeah? Okay. We’re fairly sure the Vatican doesn’t follow this blog yet, but we apologize in advance. It was TOL (The Other Lisa)’s fault.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take note that we’ve made drastic changes to our 101st revised edition of our women’s fiction novel (formerly Will Steal for Shoes), currently titled Worth Lying For. Our protagonist, Mary, has gone from rebel without a cause to saint with a crooked halo. Personally, 1Lisa can no longer relate to her, but we believe in our grinchy little hearts that less evil readers will now cheer even louder for her speedy release. We have our never-wrathful critique partners: LS, MS & LW to thank for beating us over the heads if this new break from unpublished jail works. We’d like to believe Mary will get time off for good behaivor.

Unlike us.


8 responses to “Envy Rears Its Ugly Green Head, We Chop It Off

  1. Poor Nora. She had an unfortunate nickname among the published authors I started in the business with: Nora F-ing Roberts, later shortened to Nora F. Roberts.

    That started when she threw up on one of my friends….

  2. Fudge.

  3. Would you please put Mary on the phone? I would like to talk with her.

    As for you two, I’m going to say a prayer for your souls. Apparently, things are going to he** in a handbasket and I’m not letting it happen on my watch.

    • We’d advise you not to watch. Mwhahaha!
      Mary wants to know if you accept collect calls? Her phone privileges in the Guatemalan prison are somewhat limited at the moment.

  4. Only 101 editions? My neurons have been firing overtime trying to remember which revision is the latest and greatest.

  5. If the Vatican reads any of our blogs…. we’re in a lot of trouble.

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