Say This, Not That

In the spirit of daylight savings thelisas have come up with a list: 10 Things You Should Never Say Unless You Have Time to Spare and Never Want to Run for Political Office

1.) Don’t tell me what’s in this drink, I like to be surprised!

2.) We don’t need to hire a handyman for that.

3.) So, when’s the baby due?

4.) Okey dokey, artychoky.

5.) You forgot to read me my Miranda rights.

6.) One more slice can’t hurt.

7.) They’re gonna test my blood donation, right?

8.) Where did that water come from?

9.) No problem, insurance will cover that.

10.) Pull my finger.


9 responses to “Say This, Not That

  1. Guilty with #4. Okay, so it happens. Sheesh.

  2. I haven’t had to say number 5 yet. Give it time.

  3. Oops! I’m guilty of saying number 4!

    • This Lisa says it all the time, and is furthermore guilty of saying, “Lurky, lurky, little turkey.” whenever the word lurk is used. My daughter regards this as the weirdest thing I regularly repeat, but she is endlessly patient with me–even though I am also addicted to giving her a double-thumbs up and generally being dorky.

      • this lisa wants to know how often the word “lurk” comes up in general conversation? what kind of house do you run, haunted?

  4. I love #5, but that’s just me….

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