In Order to Form a More Perfect Union: Scenario Input Needed

Thelisas are working on several projects and one of them has us a little stymied. So we’d like to pick the brains of our brilliant readers. Our work-in-progress, title acronym HSOTI, features a loving husband and wife who, after being married for over twenty years, are starting a new chapter in their lives. But they hit a snag.

The question is what kind of dilemma to put in their path. We know tension is crucial to a story. What we are trying to decide is the right level. It’s tricky to give y’all enough information without creating major plot spoilers. In a nutshell:

Scenario #1  Reconciliation of singular, long-past incident of infidelity: inspirational or unforgivable?

Scenario #2 Disproved allegations of infidelity: satisfying or simplistic?

P.S.  Main thing we’re looking for is whether you, as a reader, prefer characters who are thrown into more dramatic situations that may be difficult to overcome in real life, or characters who meander a bit into more light hearted circumstances? Honestly, we’re not trying to make you choose between ‘frustrating or boring,’ (we try to avoid both in any case).

We’re pretty sure there’s no right or wrong answer, so it will be interesting to see how this survey goes. Feel free to expound on your thoughts. Who knows? Maybe we’ll come up with an entirely different option #3: nobody cheats anybody but Death and the tax man. Yup, we need help.


10 responses to “In Order to Form a More Perfect Union: Scenario Input Needed

  1. I feel like infidelity has been done a lot — maybe because it works… But maybe they can have something a little different like one of them has the opportunity to pursue a dream, but the spouse feels left behind. Or one of them has a secret past, more along the lines of witness protection… Or it could be a simple diversion of ways: one of them lets slip that they don’t love (feel attraction for, are annoyed by) the other, and the story follows them as they figure out what to do about it — whether the jilted spouse tries to make life more interesting, or if they test some time alone… If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know!

    • Good news! We’ve got the “pursue dream/left behind” angle already built in like crazy 🙂 Should have clarified betrayal (or perceived betrayal) is only one (potential) plot point…there is an underlying bigger picture…looking for one of those “bad but not completely unforgivable” moments to add more (say it with us) TENSION.

  2. How about they’ve raised their kids and gotten them out of the home, and suddenly a problem child is dropped into their lives. They then have to make the decision of whether or not to raise the child or put it up for adoption. She might want to while he might not want to be tied down anymore. Just my two cents!
    They may not be so very content when you get down to it, and this might force them to renew their bonds and rediscover themselves! (I was on a roll)

    • Suddenly we’ve transitioned into a horror story – haha!
      I do have a plot like that (with a twist) noodling around in my brain that may or may not ever make it to e-paper though…great minds think alike. (How about they leave the baby on the doorstep of our HSOTI characters? lol) …they may not be so very content indeed!

  3. There’s also questioning sexual preference – he meets a sensitive caring man who understands him better than his wife. Generally, I prefer it when people meander into a situation that creates tension. It allows some great opportunities for humor–something the Lisas excel at. I enjoy a book that combines humor with suspense.

  4. I’d have to agree with Karla. Especially about the Lisas excelling at humor.

    I also prefer to see humor in even “serious” novels.

  5. The perceived betrayal angle has potential… think along the lines of a friend of either of the pair deliberately trying to sabotage the marriage.

    Either that, or run with the problem child who, as it turns out, is possessed by Gathazar the Brutificient Demon.

    Or, well, there’s always the spice up the love life angle involving swinger’s clubs.

    • Leave it to your brilliant, granted irreparably twisted, mind to come up with such juicy fodder. We bow to the master of mayhem.

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