We Who Must Not be Named (and other things we cannot tell)

Thelisas have a split personality. We used to be able to talk about it, but recently decided to keep things under wraps. Since we launched our indie young people’s book under a pseudonym, with its corresponding website, we’ve determined it’s best to keep these two worlds as independent states. Kind of like the state of well-being and the state of Texarkana.

To this end we discovered it’s nearly impossible not to talk about what we are doing with our other project. The one with the other blog. Where we write about furry little critters to entertain immature human beings. And kids. It’s irresistible. It’s like being told there’s cake on the table but it’s not for you. Or margaritas in the blender. We can’t stop not talking, thinking, obsessing.

But since this blog is exclusively for sexy elderly types, we recently mined some old rough drafts to see if we could salvage anything interesting. Most of it was woefully out of date. There was the Kate Middleton/Prince William/Lisas comparison chart. And something that may have involved an 8-track tape giveaway. Way too much involved incomplete thoughts, even sentences, such as

In the end we will assure you we are not spending all of our time on the project for grade schoolers. Unless it takes off and we start raking in the dough, in which case it’s been real people, we’ll miss you. Hey, we girls gotta dream. To dream generally involves sleep…or at least resting like a feline, right?


10 responses to “We Who Must Not be Named (and other things we cannot tell)

  1. Keeping the two seperate must take a lot of concentration!

  2. Not at all! Concentration would imply we know what we are doing. Ha.

  3. I thought about doing the pseudonym thing, but then I got married and my name stopped being boring! Now I sound exotic, and who can pass that up? Also, my 2 projects (writing and hairdressing) are so unrelated that I just lump it all in one…. If I were to start with the erotica or something, then yes. Would write under a name my mom couldn’t find.

    • Erotica, now there’s a topic that doesn’t come up more than twice a day when we consider potential profit margins. You could always go with Mel Salami. We call dibs on Dub L. Dee.

  4. Mmmm, you pretty much lost me after the word “cake.” Didn’t know you had a website for the maturity impaired. I should probably check it out.

  5. As I never at all liked my actual name, going with pennames was always in the cards for me.

  6. I remember 8-track-tapes. Dammit. That means that this blog truly is for me.

  7. Like, for sure, it’s, like, totally for you! Because, you know, it’s like, way cool, like you.

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