Florida Lisa with author/speaker Stephanie McAfee

So FL Lisa got an email from her favorite local landmark, the Vero Beach Book Center, with the announcement that fiction writer, Stephanie McAfee, author of Diary of a Mad Fat Girl would be doing a talk and signing. Well sign me up! I thought.

But first I dashed off a friendly fan email that read, in part:

“…you won’t have to call security when I introduce myself at the signing, I promise I won’t stalk you.”

Spoken like a true zealot. Not receiving  a reply I nevertheless trotted off. When I introduced myself upon entering the store there was no hint of terror in her eyes, (*see post, Writing Workshop Do & Don’ts) but neither was there any glimmer of recognition. Ah well, I thought, and settled in to be regaled.

And what a great storyteller Stephanie McAfee was! And is. I reintroduced myself as she signed my paperback and she then told me she had emailed me back. Stupid internet terrorist police, always intercepting things. Anyway, she claims I am her first official stalker, a badge I will wear proudly. (I considered photoshopping a tiara on her in our photo…)

And btw, if you liked the wacky hijinks of Mary Minke in our chapter one preview of Worth Lying For, you’re gonna love Stephanie’s characters in Diary of a Mad Fat Girl, so be sure to check it out! Good times.


9 responses to “DIARY OF A MAD FAT GIRL Stalker

  1. When I read the blog title, I thought it was one of yours! The Lisas are two of a kind….

    The book sounds great. I will definitely give it a read.

  2. It sounds like you had fun!

  3. Sounds like a fun book.
    Wonder when it will reach our shores!

    • Good to see you, Granny! We sure have missed you. Stephanie’s book certainly IS fun – hope you got a chance to check out ours as well. It will be launched in e-format soon; the South African marketing rights are all yours for the asking.

      • Explain to me how that works and I am your Gran….going into a new career of sales is on my short bucket list.

      • No idea. But it sounds brilliant, right? We’ll definitely figure something out. Watch for a message in a bottle to wash up on your shores…

  4. Thank you, Lisa! Love the piece! Love the pic! Best of luck to you guys!

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