WORTH LYING FOR Book Launch Countdown!

Tues., March 27 will be publishing day for thelisas long awaited fiction novel, Worth Lying For. We shared chapter one in a recent blog, here then is the back cover description:

Mary Minke knows she should be grateful: a mostly happy marriage, mostly grown kids and a mostly steady paycheck. But at forty, she finds herself fantasizing about sprawling Tuscan villas and fitting into ‘juniors department’ fashions. Instead, another twenty years in a two-bedroom ranch, sale-rack slacks and a receptionist job at Idid-a-Rod Auto Garage seem to be her destiny. Until…

Mary stumbles on a bag of cash in the car of two-bit drug dealer Jimmy Adler… and steals it. Confiding in best friend, Caryn, she vows to make good by playing Robin Hood in the sleepy town of Stillwater Village. Only she must keep the plan under wraps from devoted husband, Nick, who just happens to be the local sheriff.

As one unexpected event after another turns Mary’s once tapioca-bland life hotter than three-alarm chili, she is more than a little tempted to indulge in a few retail therapy sessions. Charity begins at home, after all, but where should it end? When the fate of her imperfect yet loving family is put on the line, Mary must decide what the good life really means, and if it is Worth Lying For.

Worth Lying For by Lisa Clark & Lisa Davis-Craig, © 2012

Spread the news – book will be available in e-format and print!


12 responses to “WORTH LYING FOR Book Launch Countdown!

  1. How exciting! It’s been a long time coming, but I know it will be great!

  2. Long? Forty-five years? Oh wait, that’s only how long it SEEMS. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Jan, we won’t let you down!

  3. Sounds great! I’ll be looking for it next week. If you want to stop by and sign my copy, the door is always open (except for Sunday mornings when I like to sleep in).

  4. Good luck! Glad Mary is going out into the world — more people need to meet her.

    • Mary is by nature a bit of an introvert, but she’s working hard to improve her people-skills. We’ll pass on to her your good wishes.

  5. So excited! Let’s plan a blog interview directly after launch! Have your people call my people. Mwuh!

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