Search Engine Optimization and YOU!

Thelisas are changing their name. Henceforth we will be known as Robb Rowling Collins Evanovich Sparks Higgins-Clark. Don’t worry, our legal counsel/auto mechanic assures us it’s perfectly legit.

This move will serve as our new SEO strategy. What, you have a better idea? We’d be happy to steal hear about it.

Then again, TOL (The Other Lisa) had no idea there was such a term as search engine optimization and she is not sure she cares about it. She’d prefer to change her name to Lola “Boom Boom” LaRue.

That would certainly optimize something. At the very least we’d definitely get more people to follow our tweets.

And, by golly, they deserve to be followed! I, TOL, can say this without bragging, since they are all produced by 1Lisa. My brief foray into tweeting was more like the honk of a dying swan, but 1Lisa is darn funny–let’s call her Lisa Murphy-Rock-Martin-Leary-Crystal and see what happens.


6 responses to “Search Engine Optimization and YOU!

  1. I’ve been trying to utilize searchable keywords in my blog posts (nothing as drastic as changing my name, but you might be on to something). So far, my most popular post is one about silent film because people are finding a screen cap from The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. Guess what I’ll be writing more about soon?

  2. We picture a screen cap as a hat made from window screen and we desperately want to know more. See? you may be on to something.

  3. You can also add in lots of raunchy tags into each blog, ensuring that you’ll get attention. Maybe not the attention you’re quite after, of course….

    • Uh, you’re talking to the women who discuss under-garments, body hair and hot flashes on a far too regular basis. A few steamy tags can’t possibly get us any weirder spam-a-lots.

  4. This is so darn (Brad Pitt) clever! I’m going to (Princess Kate) give this a try on my own blog (Reese Witherspoon) and see what kind of hits I get.

    • We know you (Angelina Jolie) will go far using our (Three Stooges) method of (Max Headroom) search engine optimization

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