Contentment is Complicated, Will You Settle for World Domination?

What is success? Is it possible to be successful in Small Town USA? Obviously it’s possible to come from nowhere and make it big. But by definition, is it possible to be successful in the worldly sense–rich, powerful, famous, experienced, respected–and never leave podunk-ville?

Our heroine in Worth Lying For, Mary Minke, is a Midwestern matron with modest expectations. All she really ever wanted out of life was to be comfortably middle-class, generally appreciated and personally fulfilled. She’s willing to work hard, play fair, make sacrifices. And still she gets no respect–until… she breaks the rules.

There is a scene in the 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger/Jamie Lee Curtis movie, True Lies, where Helen Tasker (Jamie Lee), does not yet know her husband Harry (Arnold) is a spy, and she is taken blindfolded by him into an interrogation room. She’s been hooking up with a shady used-car dealer, Simon, (Bill Paxton) who’s been posing as a spy as a way to pick up women. A shocked and heartbroken Harry is trying to determine what made his wife stray.

Her response to why she was willing to run off to Paris with sleaze-bag Simon is classic desperate housewife:

I wanted to do something outrageous, and it felt really good, to be needed, and to be trusted. It’s just there’s so much I want to do with this life and it feels that I haven’t done any of it. You know, the sand is running out of the hourglass, and I want to look back and say, ‘see? I did that, that was me! I was reckless and I was wild, and I *ucking did it.’

Helen later goes on to team up with her hero-husband and together the two save the world, one sexy mission at a time. The movie is an action-packed thriller.

Since we’re talking domination here, (and not the Fifty Shades of Grey sort, writing along those steamy lines has us blushing and stammering), we are throwing off the bondage of our mild Midwestern personas. The heorines of our works-in-progress are similarly intelligent, intrepid women with one major advantage over beleaguered Mary Minke: they have money in the bank.

In future posts we’ll introduce you to Gina, a 52-year-old romance author and mother of three, married to Nils Magusson, a rising NHL hockey coach. Gina has been skating on smooth ice–hunky husband, happy family, dream home. But things are about to get astronomically better. And a whole lot worse. Can Gina and Nils stay on the same team, or has their relationship been nothing more than Hot Stuff on Thin Ice?

Then there’s 49-year-old Kathleen Townsend, a successful businesswoman, widowed less than two years. Busily running a non-profit foundation and planning her daughter’s wedding, the last thing Kathleen expects is a romance of her own (or is it lust?). And she certainly dosen’t expect it to take the form of Gilbert Strong, a man fifteen years her junior. That’s not the only challenge the two must reconcile. Not by a long shot. …He’s also the bride-to-be’s fiance’s uncle.

Of these two new hen-lit characters, Gina and Kathleen, who intrigues you most? Whose storyline should we offer up next?


8 responses to “Contentment is Complicated, Will You Settle for World Domination?

  1. Oh, those are both good plotlines to follow through on…I think Kathleen’s tale has a degree more complication!

  2. Kathleen gets my vote!

  3. Is Kathleen of any relation to Grendel’s mother, as played by Angelina Jolie? She had a tail….

  4. I’m going for Gina. Being married to a hockey player named Nils has just got to be uber exciting and about as different from my life as you can get. PS I’d read Kathleen’s saga too, just sayin…

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