Our Beautiful Distraction

Loathe though we are to confess it, The Lisas have been slacking off this summer. Having a book out in the wilds of the free market means stats to obsess over, publicity opportunities to conquer, and lovely new reviews to enjoy, like this one from Chick Lit Central: The Blog!

To change Lisa & Lisa Write a Book to Lisa & Lisa Write Many, Many Books, the Lisas have Three Main Objectives to accomplish this summer:

  • Not die of heat-stroke (although 1Lisa’s father is convinced artists are more successful in death).
  • Challenge ourselves and each other to specific goals.  Discovering how many brownies we can eat in one sitting is a laudable exercise, but we feel we have mined this to its very depths.  Time to focus on writing. Starting with a two woman focus group on how many cookies should be awarded for each page written.
  • Not give in to our many distractions which include, but are in no way limited to: auctions, ebay, free cell, facebook, Words with Friends (vocabulary enriching as it may be), garage sales, hockey free agency signings, take-out menus, and a dangerous case of phone addiction.

Our 12-step program begins as soon as we get off the phone.


6 responses to “Our Beautiful Distraction

  1. Count me in – I want to join your 12 step group. I am a complete and total slacker this summer.

    • We’re only able to muster a 3 step program but you’re welcome to join. It’s your turn to bring snacks, btw.

  2. Three cookies for every page written sounds just about right.

    Of course, doing that will require a couple of hours of exercise a day, because those cookies will add up….

  3. We’ll cut it back to two and a half. Exercise is against our religion.

  4. A cookie for every page completed sounds like a hell of a good incentive to me….

    • Now we’re talkin’, Norma. Throw in a couple of sodas (diet, of course) and a side of chili cheese fries and the books will write themselves.

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