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If you have a book club or are simply looking for a book review source, thelisas recommend Watch for 1Lisa to add her opinions to the mix coming soon.


8 responses to “She Reads |

  1. Hi There…I don’t seem to be getting your notifications…think I must unfollow and refollow.
    Took my e-reader with me when I went away with every intention of finishing your great book…the darn thing’s battery was flat and I hadn’t taken the charger….or my gown and slippers….or any night clothes…what can I say…I am losing the plot.
    I am usually an avid reader but since we have moved I have only read yours and I haven’t even finished that….need to get my mind back on track…and a decent bedside light.
    Big granny hug.

  2. Please do whatever you must to re-follow us, even if it means we have to throw TOL (The Other Lisa) into a volcano or something to appease the wordpress gods.
    “Forgot” to pack clothes? Sounds like a good way to get a new wardrobe to us. Mary Minke would be proud.
    Big lisas hug..

  3. Instead of throwing TOL into a volcano, may I volunteer the substitute of my idiot ex brother in law? Mike’s a pretty useless twit, after all, and no one would miss him….

    • Good plan. We hear Canadian jails go easier on American women in any case. Only for the love of hockey pucks, don’t let them send TOL to Saskatoon. There was this incident in ’84… not allowed to disclose the details.

  4. Now you have to disclose the details!

  5. Listen Girls, I’m sweatin’ my buttski down here in Miami waitin’ on the sequel… Where the hell is it? I wrote a novel, but I was an author of one. There’s two of you, so get crackin.’ xoxoxo cindy

    • Florida Lisa invites you up the coast a few miles for a hurricane party…she’ll put you to work installing storm shutters and as a reward you can beta read — not exactly a *sequel* but another funny story fer shur 😉

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