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How much wordplay could a wordsmith chuck if a wordsmith could chuck words?

Inappropriate Writer Brain Moments | Lydia Laceby. Thank you Lydia, Debbie & WordPress Press This for allowing us to legally borrow the brilliance of others. With appropriate credit, of course. Too funny to not share!


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Chick Lit Author Blog Hop Book Giveaway and Gift Card Contest!

***UPDATE*** Congrats to ebook winners Patricia W. & ‘sionedkia’ and grand prize winner Tiffany White.

We’re pleased this week to take part in a blog hop contest sponsored by Tracie Banister, of Books by Banister. The post below contains a “secret” italicized word (*not a book title). Find it, then collect a secret word from each of the other fabulous Chick Lit Blog Hop particpants, and you can qualify for a girly, pampering prize: a $150 Sephora gift card. Leave us a comment and we will select one name at random to win an ebook copy of Worth Lying For (*if you’ve already ordered/read our book, thank you – and please comment anyway; we’ll find you a “worthy” prize). Read on for more details.

A Natural Progression from Chick-to-Hen Lit

I grew up reading romances. I adored the vicarious thrill of living through the hero and heroine’s progress, from fiery arguments to first kiss. I still do. But somewhere along the way, a little book was published. You may have heard of it: Bridget Jones’s Diary. In a flash the publishing world was delirious with chick lit fever. And I reveled in the humor and sheer fun of it all.

Despite the publishing industry’s desire to replicate Bridget Jones, I am not suggesting that the books I devoured were cookie-cutter copies. I have found great diversity in voice, style and quality among chick lit authors–just as with any literary form. In fact, the books I ended up loving the most did not have the young main characters in glamorous (or semi-glamorous) city jobs that are most often associated with the genre. I fell hardest for the sub-set of chick lit often called hen-lit, matron or mum lit, with its quirky characters and quaint village settings.

Living in the United States, I found it difficult to get my hands on all the hen lit I wanted. I could see book after neon-covered book popping up on the web-sites of UK booksellers, but not making it to the States to be published. I ordered titles online and organized visits to book shops on trips to Canada. I still remember the satisfyingly heavy weight of the two large book bags I lugged out of the World’s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto a few years ago.

When TOL (The Other Lisa) suggested we write a book featuring a middle-aged woman living in a small town who just happens to abscond with a big bag of drug money, I immediately envisioned the final copy in a glowing pink or purple cover–an American hen lit book ready to rub shoulders and share a glass of wine with my British favorites, such as Hens Dancing by Raffaella Barker, The Only Boy For Me by Gil McNeil and Every Woman For Herself by Trisha Ashley. I hope our book, Worth Lying For, gives its readers the hours of entertainment and genuine laughter these books have given me.

So let’s review the Blog Hop Contest instructions: Look in the post above for the italicized word (hint, it’s hyphenated), then follow this link to the LIST of blog posts of the other contributing authors. Collect all 34 secret words and submit them to CLABlogHop@aol.com  by Sunday, May 20 to be eligible to win the Grand Prize $150 Sephora gift card. Happy chick-litting & good luck!

  • Contests open to residents of the United States only.

Worth Lying For: A Novel

It’s official, Worth Lying For is now on sale. Check it out and please spread the word!

Did you know? Reviews are love letters to your favorite author. We print them out and put them under our pillows at night. Even the ‘Dear John’ ones. Writers are a lonely bunch. 😉

Women’s Fiction: Hot or Not? | Romance University

Women’s Fiction: Hot or Not? | Romance University. Mostly encouraging commentary, slightly on the long-side, but with a couple of Whoa! moments. If nothing else, check out author Anjali Banerjee’s second paragraph response to the first question asked by the interviewer. Has TOL (The Other Lisa) got something she wants to tell us??

Sarah with a Chance: Something Fun and Celebratory

Sarah with a Chance: Something Fun and Celebratory. Wow, this is a contest with an amazing set of prizes for an author. All I could think about (besides “hope to win”) is how I humbly hope Lisa & I can offer our readers prizes like this someday. Hurry, deadline is today!