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Happy BFF Day! | Borderline Fab

For TOL (The Other Lisa)

Happy BFF Day! | Borderline Fab.


All By Myself

We Lisas have been extraordinarily quiet lately, haven’t we? Silence is not our normal state, and we need to break out of this disturbing new trend. This Lisa has no explanation for the lack of blogging.

Unless, of course, I can count my recent addiction to House Hunters and Property Virgins as a reasonable excuse. A competent psychologist might suggest that all this television viewing is simply a way to avoid the problems in my life. Or it might be that I have no air-conditioning and the basement tv room is the only cool place in the house. But, it is strange that while I’m suddenly focused on house shows, TOL is casting aside almost 30 years of best friendship and moving over 1,000 miles away.

Yes, she is deserting me. She’s decided that the flashy charms of a warm climate and a new condo trump a two bedroom home in rural Michigan with its interestingly variable seasons. Just because we’ll still talk every other day does not mean she is forgiven for this abandonment. In fact, lonely and sad, I have decided that Mary Minke, our main character from Will Steal for Shoes, is my new best friend. I have made a facebook page for her and we are now official friends. If you’re on fb, stop by and befriend Mary. (She only has a couple friends right now, and how sad is that?) I can guarantee she will keep you updated on shoes, classic cars and gross rationalizations of what may be perceived by some as selfish behavior.

Speaking of selfish behavior, TOL here (The Other Lisa): Is it really that far (1,000 miles) to Florida from Michigan? And I have to drive? Yuck, might have changed my mind had I known that.

Then again, I am now president of the “People should clean out their houses every 25 years whether needed or not” fan club. My house is now on the market and has never looked better. Might have changed my mind had I only known how refreshing it is here now, with all this clean breathing space.

Then again, the lure of cable TV calls… Who relegates their beloved (TV) to the basement, I ask? It would be like putting one’s computer in a closet!

Change is both good and bad, although I will concede the perspective is very different for the changee vs. the changer. In my role as changer I have thrown the other-other Lisa into the unrequested and undesired role of changee. The same can be said for my husband’s parents and my only sister, all of whom remain steadfast in their hatred of all places hot and humid (*with the exception of my mother-in-law, who I think would secretly love to join us if she could take her house with her). I have upset the apple cart, and for that I am a penitent sinner. Not grieved enough to suffer the lack of cable TV and another S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) winter, but sorry enough that I will certainly expect occasional visits, even if it means I have to travel back to the land of sunlessness, dead leaves and (shudder) snow. If you can’t beat ’em into the sand and surf submission, join ’em in the North, I always say. Something like that.

P.S. Silence is only golden when you’re sitting in a perfectly clean house, and we all know how long that lasts. Otherwise, befriend Mary Minke, spend more time on facebook and enjoy the good life, wherever you are!