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8 responses to “Contact us

  1. Lisa (x2),
    Re your new book chapter. Would be glad to give it a shot (or read). Will see if my sister would be interested too. Let me know what I need to do…if anything.


  2. Thanks for the blog award, ladies! And I love the Lisa and TOL thing. I might have to pass since I am honestly too wrapped up in my own head to be able to state that I read 15 blogs…let alone 5. Just busy finishing my book and trying to stay one step ahead of the three year old and the dishes.
    Thanks so much! So awesome and glad the award “forced” a comment out of you! Nice to know you’re reading the blog!

    • Lucky for us we each only had to read 7.5 blogs each–one of the many beauties of having a co-author. Good luck keeping ahead of it all–especially the three year old!

  3. Ladies, I’m looking forward to the next one! Xoxo cindy

  4. This is a message for the “florida lisa”! Elfriede, your next door neighbor let me read a few pages before I knew I just got to have my own copy. While I am visiting, can you make this possible for me?
    Many thanks

    • It was a pleasure to meet you, Hanna. Enjoy the rest of the book! Hope you’ll let us know how you like the ending 🙂

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