Happiness is but a Paper Cut Away

Once the impetuous Lisas come up with a master plan, they implement it in less time than it takes an ice cream sandwich to melt on a hot day. They know this because onelisa was eating an ice cream sandwich as she pushed the button to create the first Worth Lying For promotional freebie when last we blogged.

After thousands of free downloads, there were also sales. Worth hit #29 on Amazon in the Domestic Life sub-category of Women’s Fiction. We also sneaked into triple digits overall, reaching Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #966 Paid in Kindle Store. And 966 is hotter than it might seem at first glance since there are hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon. (Gosh, could we have said Amazon more times in that paragraph? What else could we add? Amazon Basin? Amazon River? Amazon Rain Forest?)

Reviews like this one from Sara at chicklitplus.com put big smiles on our faces and are enormously encouraging as we forge ahead in the Amazonian (sorry, we couldn’t resist) jungle that is indie publishing. And we’re happy to report we are just days away from launching the print edition of Worth. So if you are a reader who prefers the feel of old fashioned paper and ink on your hands you’re in luck. Our cover artist, Danielle Sellers, did a bang-up job and we’re itching to hit the “publish” button. Or maybe we’re itchy because we stumbled on some poison ivy in the jungle of indie publishing. Hand us some calamine lotion and a machete–we’re pushing through!


8 responses to “Happiness is but a Paper Cut Away

  1. You two sure know how to get attention–put a pic of an ice cream sandwich at the top of the page!

    966 is definitely good. There are MILLIONS of books at Amazon!

    Poison Ivy in the jungle of indie publishing…more true than you might realize!

  2. Congratulations on the bestseller rankings!!! That’s awesome. It’s so cool holding that print copy of your book for the first time. It ranks right up there with non-melted ice cream sandwiches.

  3. Congratulations thelisa’s!! I’m glad that it’s doing so well. I’ve got it, and will be reading it soon.

  4. Congratulations, you two!

    • Thanks! The proof will be in the pudding. Eating pudding while reading over our proof copies may have been a bad idea…

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